Is there anyone who is enough expert in creating an apk, identical to the original version of Bike Race with all bikes unlocked, in which all bikes remain unlocked?


  • Bike Race Secrets posted a modified APK with all the bikes unlocked.

    This is the link they posted: 4shared.com/mobile/Sh6Ylare/Bike_Race_30_Mod_by_kamiola.html

    I've managed to decompile the apk, but I wasn't able get it recompiled. I would love to make an apk that stores the best times ghosts on the sd card instead of inside the app. Then anyone could share their best times.
  • I know this apk, but i wish to create an application identical to mine(the last version)with all bikes unlocked. I also tried to decompile the apk, but I don't know which files I have to put into it. Help me! :)
  • Hi manumay im one of the admins to bike race secrets. I hope they will recompile a newer version so i can get back to you. ;)
  • Thanks! But, if they will create that kind of apk, can you tell me how they did it? Because I want to do it myself :)
  • Sure il do my best to gather as much info as i can
  • Hi Terry :P lol
  • Come back in a few months for a reply...
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