Thunder Bike??

I saw someone using a weird-looking bike, and I asked what it was. He told me it was the thunder bike. I did a bit of research, but not much came up. Can anyone tell me more about this thunder bike?


  • It's lightning quick but only available when it rains
  • I think it is a beta version of a bike that Bike Race was testing or something. It is a normal bike nothing special and more of a trophy bike. I heard its a bit hard to get maybe. I am not sure of the requirements for it. @KrazyMeerkat123
  • I would like to race you Luke F
  • What i know is: You can only get Thunder bike on bike race pro app

    You get it for free when you turn a Top player

    To be a Top player you need:

    1000 Multiplayer wins

    More than 200 stars on multiplayer levels

    5 bikes

    Beat anyone who was Thunder bike

    If you are idiot and don't know that staff persons are Top players and who beat him on multiplayer get the Thunder bike if have 1000 wins and 200 stars

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