2015 Acro racers who play a few times a day?

I've added links from some people here and half of them don't play very often if at all... Looking for Acro racers who race 2-3 times a day!!! I'll play anybody who enjoys the game :-)
I'm not pro, but decent... I enjoy playing anybody.. Even newbies who are wanting to become pros... Add me!!!


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    I try to play you most of the time. You're pretty good and still learning. You'll get better. oh and thank you for commenting your link like 20 times.
  • Haha sorry just trying to get my link out there. I sent you a message DaBeast in a game to get Yara's link... I've played both of you guys quite a bit, and you both play ghost bike against me. I'm interested in how you guys match up. His/her link is in one of the ghost bike link sections of this forum. I play at least a dozen times a day and play single player when I run out of multiplayer games. I'm learning something new everyday and trying to get better.
  • Ok that's good for you. I'll try to play you a bit more to get more races with you. And yes I do play Yara and I'm winning 14-12. Do you play anyone else from this forum and do you know anybody that I can race at all?
  • I'm racing Soren, Lyle, Lisa B., Dave H., GRAIZIUM, and a couple more people from here. Jason C is really good too I think he's on this forum. I played JustinR a handful of races and he deleted me I guess. I'm learning some new tricks from these guys and getting to show new tricks I've learned from single player. I will definitely keep you in mind if I run across some good ghost bikers like Yara. Nice to find other people who enjoy playing as much as I do :-)
  • Anders, Wouter, Tommy G, and Scott A are pretty good too. Not sure how many of them are here too. They're some tough competition but mostly play Acro only.
  • Hey Beast are you playing Nick I.? He seems to be pretty quick with the ghost bike. I think I'm 0-6 with him now. If not I'll have to try and get his link or send him here to get yours. I've only played 6 games as you see so I haven't seen em on any difficult tracks.
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    Sorry I am 0-4 right now with Nick I.
  • Ok sounds good. Ya you can ask for his like link or just tell him mine, http://bikerace.me/WrNHqA
  • I found Nick I.'s link along with a bunch of other ghost bikers... JustinR posted this link a while ago under Acro links. So thank Justin for the info.
  • His name is in there under ghost bikes.. I'm Not sure if everyone on this list is still active or not. Seems like a lot of the links are people who used to play.
  • After you click the link above, click the "multiplayer" link on the page. It will pull up a few dozen links you can try.
  • Ok thanks. Can you tell me who plays you back?
  • Not very many, if any. Nick I. Is the only one that stands out.
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    I'm kinda curious how good you are with Acro, Beast. Try to switch up from ghost bike If you can remember to for at least a few games :-)
    I've been practicing a lot lately so good luck :-)
  • Ok will do. I have actually been using acro more lately against other racers and I will use it against you for a bit too
  • Thanks, I'm to the point now where I'm smashing newbies and only getting decent competition from about 5-8 people at most. So put up a good fight!!! Jk it's all fun :-)
  • There's a Ricardo C. who is pretty technical with one of the tournament ghosts... Possibly a turbo ghost maybe? (Faster than ghost bike, but slower than Ultra)
    I'm 6-10 with him... I'll see if I can get his link for you.
    I had just sent him a message to see if he's any good with Acro, so I'll see if he responds.
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  • I go in spurts of 1v1 racing. If I'm not racing you back it's probably because I'm doing some tournaments. But, I will keep racing so don't delete me. I try to race regulars and people from here first.
  • I wouldn't delete any good racers... Hey Lyle, what's the score between you and Mellas? The score between me and you is almost identical to the score between me and him... You guys gotta be really close. Just curious.. You guys are some of my best competition along with some of the other racers I met here.
  • Lyle, what's up with the losses man? JK. And also I'm 13-2 With Yara, 35-35 with Reko and 31-28 Anders.
  • What's GRAIZIUM's link? Anybody?
  • Hey 007DJ... Start a game with JustinR. He's pretty good too. Also did you click the link further up this post? JustinR posted it a while ago and I just shared it here too. After you click on the link there's the word multiplayer somewhere in the middle of that page. Click multiplayer and about 100 links will appear of different people. It's divided up on different bikes people use. I'm playing a lot of really good people from this page. Recently I started playing John C., Niklas B., Leigh, Oscar J., Shane, and they are kickin my ass!!! Here's the link again. Just recopied it to here for ya. Click the link, THEN CLICK MULTIPLAYER!!!!!! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjsPI2AVmX-pdEkxemhkRjVqMkRlbkRJTjFtWmlTdkE&usp=drive_web#gid=1
  • Once u get to the spreadsheet you can swipe the screen to the left and find the Acro players, hog players, ghost players and so on. Hope this helps!!!
  • Thanks, but no need to yell lol
  • Also sorry I was being dumb
  • Sorry I just wanted to make sure you clicked multiplayer... Otherwise there's nothing on the first page. That was a pretty important step after clicking the link is all. :-)
  • Anders link ??
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