Bike Race Pro

Is bike race pro worth the .99?
Just curious how many people have it and how it compares to the free version of BR? Is there more levels, different bikes, tournaments, anything I don't know about? Anybody's input would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


  • Yes it is worth it. Tracks are cooler and new updates come out sooner with it
  • And it has holiday 4 + bike bowl + a bike more + tournament + more digits right to decimal (5.3902)
  • Sweet, thanks for the info.
    Will be downloading pro version soon.
  • Finally got it. What do you do with the extra duplicate parts in tourney mode?
  • Level up other bikes with that . Or you can keep them and make 2 duplicate bikes . :-)
    And if you level up a bike with a whole bike them you will get more xp . @Soren .
  • Yea You're forced to level up bikes or buy more garage space... Kinda sucks because I'm trying to build a bunch of bikes. I think I have 4 right now. 3 one star bikes and the 2 star Acro...
    Hey quick quest. Is Bike Bowl seasonal? I don't have Bike Bowl on Pro version?
  • I play on iOS iPhone.. Is it an Android thing ?
  • What is Bike Bowl?
  • DBikeRacer mentioned it and I saw the tracks played on YouTube.
    I can't find it though...
    Any knowledge about it DBikeRacer?
  • Bike Bowl shouldn't be seasonal, it's in the special pack with the various Holiday tracks. At least on Android.
  • Yeah its only on android atm .
  • Well that stinks... iOS here. I've tried to send you messages Lyle, no chat on Android stinks too. Nice racing Lyle!!
  • Yeah Lyle nice racing! The series between us is very interesting and close. FrankL, the score between Lyle and I is 204-177 I'm up, but anything can happen. Also against mellas I am up 538-184 he let me use ghost bike but now I switched to acro. Mellas if you are reading this I am sorry for using ghost for so long. But anyways, good racing to everyone!
  • @Da_BEAST you started racing acro so why im finding a ghost while racing u .
  • Yea that using ghost against Acro, you can't really count that score as legit. Your score with Mellas should be closer to your score with Lyle. They're both really good and my score with them is almost the exact same. Acro vs Acro every race. With Mellas I'm 67-38 and 52-28, with Lyle I'm 33-26 and 14-22. Playing both accts. FrankJenniferL and JenniferL... Personally, I enjoy the races when they're really close finishes!!! Flying across the finish and trying to win by a helmet!!! Can't win em all though.
  • Dbikeracer and everybody else here I will use acro permentely with you
  • I don't try to tell anyone what kind of bike to use... I say use what ever bike you want. But, when a ghost bike finishes that Dunes level in 2.98 sec. and I have to run the whole 15-16 sec. track to compete..... I don't take our score seriously, then it's just a number and we're basically just racing for fun. I race a few ghost bikes that are really good, and they're killing me big time. But, we're just racing for fun and the score is just a number of how many races we have played and not a marker on who is better or not. I like watching some of the ghost shortcuts because I know some of them are really hard to hit and if I ever decide to race ghost bike I know which shortcuts to practice and learn. I just prefer Acro over all of the bikes, the AcroHog looks cool.. But I just like racing Acro. I'll race anyone that's not using Ultra or Kids/Superbike.
  • Ok I know It was my own decision to make the bike change which I have been doing against you. Good racing
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