Level 3dpxx7

This is my route for this level. I see people claiming 6.xx second runs, but I can't get 3 stars on it. I'm perpetually .04s away from it.

How did you guys get 3 stars on it? It's a beautiful level by GodOfBikeRace, but it's driving me nuts leaving a level at 2 stars. I can't stop until I have 3.


  • I'll go back and play it, but I think I went the same route then went over the circles at the end of the track instead of under. I'll get back to ya :-)
  • Cool. The bottom kind of looks like level 7 Holiday 4 (iOS)
  • Cool, thanks man. I have tried going over the circles, but I always seem to get way too much upward momentum, instead of forward.
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    I have 7.0004 going the same route you drew except the last downhill I wheelie and flick over the 4 circles.
    There's a weird back tire hook thing at the beginning that could shave some time too (I did not do). Lean way back at the start and barely hook your back wheel at the top of the triangle then rush down the hill. Hope that helps :-)
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    Frank L. Yes! I got it. I thought that the jump over the 4 circles wasn't possible after a few tries at full speed. For me, it was better once I stopped gassing as I approached the jump.

    I attached an image for anyone else who's confused by this track. Thanks Frank L.

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    Nice work with the illustrations:-)
    Glad I could help ya.
    What's your bike race link Blackie?
  • Nvm I just saw you're William M.
    We're already playing, I think we are 50-88 right now with you in the lead. I'm making a comeback and hopefully can even those numbers out some. Haha
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