Easter Eggs?

I recently downloaded the pro version of Bike Race and have seen online there's Easter eggs throughout the game... However there's no Easter eggs anywhere in Bike Race Pro.
Is it not on iOS?


  • I checked specifically where they are supposed to be and they're not there. Wondering if it's a seasonal thing?
  • and on a side note... What's your favorite tournament bike?
  • Yeah , its seasonal .
    And my fav. bike is agile soul (i havent got it yet) ;-) .
  • Ok thanks, I started thinking I need to find an update or something. I need one more part for the Agile..... Waiting game :-)
  • I think you play 24/7 . I am having pro version for 2 months and i dont even have a part of 3* bike and you got 3 parts of agile !!!
    Btw ur name in tourney
  • Frank L. is my name in tourney.
    Yeah... I'm laid-off from work right now and this keeps me occupied.
    I'm Hooked now. Lol although I'm a night owl so I usually don't play till after noonish.
  • Sorry DBikeRacer... I have 1 Wraith helmet, and 2 Skull Rider parts. I shoulda checked before saying I needed 1 more part for Agile. I was thinking it was 1 special ghost bike.
    Don't you have to Level Up & Evolve a couple bikes to create the Agile?
  • My best bikes are grim reaper and Blue Angel. But I also have acrobat, Amulet, and Xverse
  • @Da_BEAST ur name in tourney .
  • I've seen a variety of Beasts in the tourneys... "The Beast", "Beast", any of them you DaBeast?
  • Lol "variety of beasts" . XD
  • Haha I'm --DaBeast. Don't think I've seen you yet though
  • I'm usually in 1st @ DaBeast... Start looking near the top of the ranks. LoL How's it going against Nick, DaBeast?
  • Harsh man actually I'm 1-1
  • That's pretty good DaBeast... I was just messing with ya.
    I think I played 20+ games against him before I finally won a race.
    Although I played Acro against his ghost bike. He's pretty slick.
  • Nick actually created a lot of the levels in the game. I thought that was pretty cool. Some of Igor's YouTube vids (Acro Expert Guide) show some shortcuts along with the track creators names and codes.
  • It takes FOREVER to get Agile, however I just got Undead Acrobat. What's up with the level 50?!?!?!??!?!? Why so high level for Evolution? + it takes longer the higher the level you get!

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