Is there a way to report people in multiplayer?

I have the full version of bike race, and I always use a tournament ghost bike for multiplayer. for some odd reason, whenever I race against someone with the free version, my bike appears as the normal bike, but wih the ghost and reverse abilities. People think I am hacking and have started cussing me out and saying some really mean things. I took some photos just in case. Is there any way of reporting these people?


  • Well I am unaware of anyways to report people. You can always delete people that are just too stupid to realize that you are not cheating. If you wouldn't mind sending me a message of what people are saying or you can just post it to the site.
  • Oh and what is your multiplayer link so we can race?
  • I just used your code and sent you a race
  • Ok cool thanks
  • Definitely Delete them. Everyone's here to have fun and if they can't figure out its a tourney bike then that's their problem. You don't have to put up with em. Or just keep beating their ass on the track until they delete you!!!
    Don't stress it, just delete if it bugs you.
    Good Luck
    add me
    My links all over the place and DaBeast will throw a fit if I stick it in one more thread. Haha
  • ok thanks Frank L
  • Having seen the view from the free version it can look very sketchy. I think it was Niklas who started racing me with the acro hog and on my end it looked like a ghost ability normal bike (even though it wasn't a ghost type bike...the different render/collision on the hog must have made it look that way).
  • Some of the AcroHog capabilities allow the head to go clean through a wall without crashing... I thought it was a hack or something.
  • Mabye bugs from TFG still. When Milan races me with the Acro Hog he doesen't go through the wall.
  • I've tried the hogs... They don't break till the chest area hits a wall. The helmet is not the breaking point. I think that applies to all hogs.
  • My point was that the free version does not have the tournament bikes so it rendered the acro hog on my screen as the normal bike and it did some weird things.
  • Yep. Any bikes that are not available on your version of BR will show up as normal. I've been racing people with Skull Rider (a normal bike) for weeks and people just see it as Normal bike.
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