Reset online wins against some players?

Hello bike racers.

I wonder if theres any possible way to reset ur score vs ur friends, if u in case feel like you've been better, and now easly can have better score then opponent that u used to lose to?


  • I don't think there's an easy way, but there are multiple ways. The easiest way is to create a different FB account you use.

    The difficult ways involve editing your multiplayer database. You set the numbers and when the game syncs with the game servers, your opponent will download the new numbers. I've done it with rooted Android. Not sure if it's possible on iOS. Might be.

  • alright thanks for respond
  • image

    You can see where I manually entered the win-count for "BRR". That was when I was messing with sending records as multiplayer games so I could record on my iPhone.
  • It also shows that I couldn't get ahead of Gabriels or Leigh!
  • When watching the race press skip press home button then re open bike race
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    Philip, I think you answered the wrong question. That's how you reset a single multiplayer race, not the win count.
  • When it is your friends turn to send you a challenge, go to ''start new race'' then ''find'' and enter your friends game code and you will record a race for him/her and starting from 0-0.
  • how do you find your racing link?
  • Tap 'start new game' then tap 'find'. Then turn ultra bike 'off' and acro bike 'on'. Hope this helps... ;)
  • Sombody knows Arnab
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