When is Tournaments coming out for TFG?

Usually, new update come out for Pro first, then come out for TFG. This didn't happen


  • Fudge accedntaly clicked enter :P Ok continuing on, This didn't happen for Tourneys Holiday 4 or Bike Bowl yet...
    Can anyone help? If so, that would be greatly appreciated. ;)
  • Hey what's up with the touchdown bike? I got all stars in bike bowl and didn't get a bike!!! Is it an android thing or what? I want my bike.
  • There's a touchdown bike???
  • Frank calm down. You need to get 1st in 15 Tournament games.
  • 15 bike bowl tournament races? Im lost here. I'm not that hyped about the touchdown bike if it doesn't have Acro ability. No biggy. I'm still trying to get my tournaments straightened out with TFG. They're not responding to any of my emails.
  • No no, 15 Tourney wins. (1st place). Yeah it kinda sucks why does santa get backwards abilities?
  • I had no idea the Santa bike went backwards for the longest time. Up until I saw a YouTube video a few months ago. I think some people still don't know to just hold the brake.
  • I'm not playing any tourneys till I get my account restored. They're working on fixing it now. We shall see....
  • How do I get the touchdown bike anyways? It said I have already won 15 tournaments and I got 24 stars in the bike bowl tracks. Is there anything else I need to do????
  • You should have it Beast... you have to win 15 Tourneys after you get the Bike Bowl levels, saying you can't have them won already. Even if you already did.
  • Is there like a way to view the bike in the shop?
  • I wish
  • Can you like take a picture of the bike and post it here?
  • It is viewable in the shop once you unlock it.


  • Tournaments came out for bikerace TFG, but mine just crashes after 2 seconds....
  • I have all every 3 star bike!
  • Even Free Wheel?
  • edited April 2015
    Except that. Good one. You can't earn free wheel in the chests as a prize for the tournaments. You have to save up your rubies and wait until you have 6 to buy the good chest.
  • Six rubies typically just gets you some junk random part. Better to play without the turbo bikes.
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