Starting new games

Hey when I start a new game with someone (click their link), it always starts a game with them on the free version automatically... Is there a way for me to set it up where when I start a new game (click a players link) for it to default to my Pro version??? Or would I have to delete the free version completely to have it go straight to the Pro version? If I want to start a new game on the Pro version I have to copy/paste it into the find location on the Pro version. For some reason just a click takes me straight to the free version. Hope this makes sense. If not let me know and I'll try to explain further.


  • When I click it asks for choice .
    I think its because u are using 2 diff. accounts
  • Try turning off notifications in the free version.
  • I'll try that Lyle
  • Nope still does it. Takes me straight to the free version. I may just delete the free version so I only have one acct to focus on.
  • It maybe possible that u have chosen default as BR free sometime in history .
  • If you're using iOS, there's no way to choose unless you uninstalled the free version. You can click the link and it will open in Free, but can't you close it and have it be available in Pro? If not, you'll just have to send the first race in Free and switch to Pro later. Unless you're not using Facebook logins on both; then you're out of luck.
  • I'll try that Craig thanks
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