App doesn't recognize my ghosts

I recently rooted my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 running on Android 5.0.1 Lollipop) and downloaded the Bike Race Records app, but it gives me 0.00 (standard bike) on all levels. I bought Bike Race Pro later, and on there the BRR app says 0.00 (standard bike) on all worlds on which I set offline records.

I got my ghosts files from the BRR directory on my phone and submitted them to the website, but it always gets stuck on processing (it only shows the level on the processing page, not the bike, time or any other ghost information). I then tried getting my ghosts directly from the Bike Race Free (and later Pro) directories on my phone and uploading those, with the same results.

Is this a known problem? Is it fixable? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance :)
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