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Important documents like certificates of marriage, divorce, birth and death are accessed for authentication purposes and other official grounds. Tennessee Marriage Records for example assures that a person has truly undergone a legitimate marital Marriage Records Free Public Records agreement. Clearly, the said data is very crucial when one intends to commit themselves into a contract that lasts a lifetime. Other than the mentioned reason, people also take advantage of these documents because they seek their parent?s lineage or due to another lawful case like divorce.


For this reason, the Tennessee Department of Health office provides services to address this need of significant documents. One can obtain such files via the Tennessee Office of Vital Records, which is responsible for data review, filing, amendments, issuances, and safekeeping of the original records of marriages, divorces, births and deaths that occur within Tennessee. Thus, interested parties can direct their orders to this office.

You have three ways to take in getting a TN vital record. One is by walking in at the Office of Vital Records in Nashville. You must be the name on file, a parent, guardian, child, or spouse of the person on the record in order to make a valid request. Be ready to present an acceptable form of identification like a government-issued ID, mother?s copy of the birth certificate, up to date driver?s license, recent passport, citizenship ID card and etc. The fee for each record is $15, excluding death record which costs $7. An additional copy costs $5 ($7 for death certificate). If you want an expedited order you can pay $5 extra.

Another route to follow is by mail. You must send the following requirements in order to process any requested documents: duly accomplished request form that is also available at the website- a notarized application form for certified requested sheets, the birth certificate issued to the mother at the hospital/clinic, or other valid documentations, also the check or money order with the cost as prescribed above. All these will be sent to following address:

TN Vital Records

1st Floor, Read Full Article Central Services Building,

421 5th Ave, N Nashville, TN 37243

Unfortunately, the state has no available online tool where one can directly request for such documents. However, other effective websites can be accessed for your needs. One of these sites is VitalChek which accepts requests via the internet. There are also available 24-hour daily services offered by professional data providers for those who need express information on any crucial records and complete background check.

Marriage License Records are speedy and simple to possess if you know a reliable site source. You can take a look at an enormous data bank any time that you need them. At an inexpensive fee, unlimited access to vital and background documents can be gained to aid you image in making only the right decisions.
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