San Diego County Vital Records


People who perform genealogical researches often make use of public records such as marriage documents to find out important details that are instrumental in tracing one's family tree or lineage. It is the very same paper that will give a concrete record of a woman's maiden and married name. Before couples are authorized to get married, a marriage license must be provided. A typical marriage license will show you the names of the individuals who want to get married, the date and location where the marital union will take place and the name of the official who will conduct the marriage event. It is very important that the concerned parties are able to show proofs of their age as it is a primary requirement to obtain a marriage license. On the other hand, if you want to take a look at some of the San Diego County marriage records, you can find a lot of online resources which you can access anytime you want to.

In California State, there are two main bureaus which you can communicate with if you need to recover a particular marriage record. These are the Department of Public Health and the specific county recorder where the marital union took place. There are also two kinds of marriage document that the state issues to the requesting party. First is the certified authorized duplicate and the second, the certified informational copy. An authorized copy can only be released to certain persons such as the individuals whose names are reflected in the marriage report, their parents, legal guardians, personnel of a law enforcement unit and other individuals who are performing an official business. The informational copies also contain the same details as with the authorized replicas but the former contain a mark which says that the same is not valid to be used as a proof of one's identity.

For individuals who want to tie the knot, the first thing that they must do is to obtain a marriage license. The soon-to-be married couple must see the county clerk and apply in person. Each must bring along his or her valid photo-bearing identification card issued by the government in order to apply for a marriage license. A person's driver's license and passport are two examples which one can bring as proof of age and identity.

Marriage by proxy is definitely not allowed in California State so the image parties who want to get married must come in person together with their witnesses, if they have, in the designated time and venue where the matrimonial ceremony will take place.

One must take note that the validity of a marriage license is only 90 days from the date it was issued. So the marital union must take place within the 90-day period otherwise the license will expire. The pertinent fees to be paid in obtaining such license may vary from one county to another. One can check the worldwide web for the San Diego County Marriage license records for the current fees and the proper procedure on how to go about the request.
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