Hog Bike links

If you want race me: http://bikerace.me/l_2j6g I race only against Acro, Hog or Normal Bike! So challenge me ;)


  • Ill race you with hog. But I can't start games on my guest acc. http://bikerace.me/VTcD9Q
    I heard your good so I'm looking forward to the challenge.
  • I sent race :)
  • Il give u a run for your money igor
  • Ive sent race to yo igor
  • Hit me up http://bikerace.me/4UVeWg
    Prefer to race normal hog and acro.
  • I would love to see vids of Igor and Terry battle it out. I got a win vs Igor the other day, but it was due to whatever glitch happens when your bike suddenly skips ahead. Kind of a lame way to get a win.
  • Thanks lyle
  • Lyle, those skips are usually due to your device being a little slow. Sometimes it's made worse when you get a text or something during the level. For some reason the game keeps playing, but the underlying tool that records your bike's path stops recording. So when your opponent downloads your path, there's a section of it missing. On iOS, I think the iPhone 4 is the last device that will do it. There are plenty of Android devices that end up doing it too.
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    Yeah, I figured it was an issue like that. I am on Galaxy S3 so hardware shouldn't be an issue....but whatever, it doesn't happen a ton and it's just as likely to make me crash when I am suddenly somewhere else.
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    preference: normal, hog, acro, 5000+ win's.
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