Amazing Main reasons why Your organization Needs An Android App

Consumers use Android apps for numerous reasons such as banking, shopping, checking local events and news, for sports, for blogging plus much more. No matter what the reason maybe, Android apps have offered an array of options to users and developers.


Depending on a survey by Trinity Internet marketing, Google is just about the top US mobile ad networks by revenue. With mobile ad spending predicted to add up to $20.6 billion in 2015.

Let's take a look at some of the interesting Android App statistics first:

According to a written report Google Play has more than 600,000 Apps, tying Apple's App Store.
Android has 67% free apps and 32% of paid apps out there
IDC simultaneously reported, that 75% of worldwide Q3 smartphone shipments were Android devices
Android sees roughly 1.3 million activations every day, globally
Presently, the market has nearly 600 unique devices
The figures clearly indicate that Android apps features a big market available plus they help brands to appreciate their hidden potential. Custom Android apps are smart, intuitive, result oriented, user friendly and unique inside their offerings.

Let's take a peek at how 5 ways Android apps are unique?


Android apps can be customized to match company. Custom mobile content management gives brands a further benefit from staying not the same as their competitors. App customization gives users numerous options to select from and developers to experiment their creativity.

Cross Platform

Its a rage today for businesses to formulate apps that can work smoothly on multiple platforms. Namely the big names including iOS, Android, Windows etc. Such apps use a comparatively higher usefulness for its users as compared with native apps. Moreover, they are an excellent business alternative for start ups and small enterprises.

Feature Rich Apps

Apps which score well on functionality and usability include the most in-demand. Include meaningful features inside your apps for example calendar, e-mail, task managers, inventory management, QR code reader, GPS and the like. The greater the features the greater will be the robustness of your Android app.

Boost to Productivity

Google Play Store constantly churns out valuable productivity apps for businesses and professionals, alike. According to a recent poll, 62% people prefer mobile phone applications because they help them to saving time and perform tasks faster.

Simplifying Searches

A particular report by Kickass Social websites, states that, nearly 49% of companies prefer mobile apps due to its GPS and mapping capability. While, 24% companies prefer custom apps due to the location based services.

In summary

The outcome in the survey may be amusing though, which fits onto claim that 11% of small business owners rely on them as they see them, fantastic. According to another survey it can be clearly evident that Android may be the emerging giant from the app-world. It powers more than 250 million devices, the Operating system operates on 1 / 2 of all smartphones shipped, using a member increasing by 700,000 subscribers every day.
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