Annoying problem on Iphone

Hey guys,

I'm a big fan of BR but i'm facing this annoying problem: when i press my acceleration too hard (right side of the screen close to the home button on Iphone) i get kicked out of the app and go back to the home screen. When i reopen it, i am like 1 second further in the race, mostly not in the position i want. I don't know if this is a feature on the Iphone (when you press that area hard, you go back to the main menu). Anyone else face(d) this and perhaps have a solution for it?



  • I've never had that happen to me before. Must be something with your phone. Almost sounds like your phone thinks you pressed the home button... Or are you talking about the game's main menu?
  • No, not the game's main menu. The actual Iphone home screen. Indeed, it looks like my phone thinks i'm pressing the home button. It also happens ons other pages/apps. I'll have to check with the store cause it really pisses me off. Thx for your respons! Cheers.
  • Not the same problem, but still ANNOYING. After playing (usually in MP) for 10 minutes or so, the names and times get very blocky looking and you can not read them. I shut off the game, clear out the memory and restart. Has anyone ever experienced that. I have a GalaxyS4.
  • Never experienced that. But then again, I'm IOS. My problem vanished since I got a new phone, luckily.
    Another thing though: I can't load the ranking of BR friends (no problem with FB friends) It says: "Problem connecting. Please check time/date on your device and your internet connection." Anyone?
  • I've seen the blocky/unreadable names. It usually happens when I exit the app (not closing but home button exit) and later come back. Or if I get a phone call. Only solution is clearing the game from memory. Galaxy S3.
  • thanks Lyle; I'll try avoiding that and see if that was the cause. I really like the Galaxy series, but wonder if they aren't the best for BR. It's disappointing the S5 only has 2G of RAM.
  • wow... you guys play on PHONES? :O Extra respect!!
  • That brings up a good question - what type of device do the top players prefer? I wish each BRRecord also showed the device used to get the record. I am pretty sure not all gyroscopes and accelerometers are the same so some must be better for this game than others.
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    I'm on iPad (I think it's iPad 2). I got it late 2011 but only got Bike Race last May/June. (Best thing on it ever!)

    Obviously the screen is a lot larger and there's more to hold and more weight... I bet I would suck on a phone. Yeah I imagine there's differences in the gyroscopes and accelerometers, it's what you're used to isn't it. But I'd say at the least the screen size has me at an advantage.
  • I have used the iPad2 for about an hour on BR. Not enough to say if my times would be lower with it. I did notice it was easier to see if the back tire was fully gripping the ground. btw, it doesn't suck on a phone, try it sometime.
  • I mean't "I" would probably suck on a phone :D because I wouldn't be used to it. But yeah I will try it.
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