How to delete facebook friends who play you on bikerace?

I want to delete some fb friends who don't play. Anyway to do it?


  • Not that I know of. Only way I know is to un-friend them temporarily. There might be a way to do it if you manually edit your database file that the game uses, but I'm not aware of anyone ever doing that.
  • I have once or twice seen the option to delete FB games with the little X (and was able to delete those games, the friend went back into the "ready to play" list). It might have been related to the interaction between the BR and FB apps. I occasionally log in and out of my account in hopes the option to delete will show up again. So far no luck.
  • I again ran into the option to delete FB friends from the game and here is what I think happened to allow it:
    I lost internet at my house over the weekend, and I live outside of a 4G coverage area so my phone was connected at whatever slow speed you get in rural areas. Anyway, I logged in to BR (which took a long time) and I noticed I had the option to delete games with FB friends.

    It's possible this was due to the low speed connection and the game giving up on linking to my FB friend list.
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