My 1st attempt

Here's the code for my 1st attempt at creating a level, hope you enjoy

CODE - gi786v


  • 2nd attempt

    CODE - 85d5xg
  • just completed your 1st attempt - well done. took awhile to figure out how to complete it but I finally got 2 stars.
  • 2nd attempt is ok, but not as good as the 1st attempt. I suggest to anyone to download the 1st because (as far as I can tell) you need to do something with the bike very unique just to complete it. The only trick I've done that is even more strange is climbing the chimneys in Savanna2 level4.
  • Glad you enjoyed the 1st one, my best time is 10.30. The 2nd is a bit simple cos I just wanted to do a daft picture!
    Have you created any?
  • Cool lev matb, I got 9.74 but still room for improvement
  • Dam! I'll have to go back and have another go now :)
  • Haven't tried creating a race yet. Will post it here when I do.
  • Ok - my 1st attempt. It's a one trick, 5 sec course - so you won't waste too much time. 5.04s is my best, but surely can be done sub 5s.
  • almost forgot the most important thing: 9lyokb
  • Frustrating! Can't get the last bit near the flag right to go sub 5. On 5.05, like the course tho
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    4.51. Took a little bit of style finding but the trick to this level is to hang far enough so that your back wheel gets right of the little gap. make sure you lean back far and land on your back wheel with good traction, flick down on the jump, and then flick your head again into the finish. still room for improvement.
  • Thanks for running that track Garrett. I've been curious to know what a pro could do to it. Creating a track is fun but time consuming to make an interesting one with the tools they give you. You can't save the track unless you've completed it and using laptop keys to move makes it a bit frustrating.
  • Hey mellas here's a tip. If you put the flag right in front of the bike and finish the level you can save a code for it. You can then come back to it, edit the level, move the flag to the correct place, and save it as new.
  • Thanks Justin. I'll try it again, but so far if I pull up anything I've done and move the flag, it wants me to complete the race before saving (saving over the original code). I'm not logging into FB, maybe it's different if you do.
  • Yes you have to complete the level again and Save As New and just get a new code. I also do this to test levels on my phone before posting them on brl or anything
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