are the records legit?

I have used several android phones and occasionally (especially when playing in the car on a bumpy road), my bike will instantly jump forward. It results in insanely low personal records. Does anybody verify the records on this site are valid, smoothly run races?


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    I get the skipping sometimes as well.

    It happens when your phone is multitasking in the background.

    I'm pretty sure for most of the records there is a file you can download and race against (I think it requires root on Android) so you can see for yourself if they are legit.

  • I think if there's an invalid record for one of the main bikes like acro, ghost or ultra it gets verified very quickly, as there are a lot of people racing those ghosts. If someone finds an invalid wr he tells Craig and he deletes it, so yea, the records on the site are valid, even tho one can't believe it sometimes ;)
  • This is a great question. The records on are definitely legit, although there are a few things that TopFreeGames did that make it impossible to prevent certain types of false records from getting submitted.

    As for the Android glitching, the site can and does prevent these from being submitted. When the record gets submitted, the server reads the coordinates in the path of the record file and checks for sporadic changes in speed.

    There are two main ways that false records get made. On Android, when the Ultra Bike first came out, it floated really long like Kids Bike does. TopFreeGames fixed this a few days later, but the damage was already done and people download this version of the game and submit floating Ultra Bike records with it. In iOS, single mode lets you switch bikes in the middle of a race. Doing that allows people use benefits of multiple bikes in a single race.
  • Hmmm..... The most detrimental of these sounds like the iOS switching of bikes, i.e. somebody switches from normal to acrobat. This could easily take away milliseconds that would seem pretty unnoticeable even to the trained eye and create some crazy normal bike records. Easy solution is to get rid of iOS users with their re-tries as well in mp ;)
  • wait.....there are retries? As in more than the 3 you normally get?
  • iOS does yes. But they have to be purchased. Worse thing about the integrity of br but to them its just $ obviously. I like to think nobody cheats though and you can usually tell.
  • Actually, it's ridiculously easy to edit a file for iOS that gives you unlimited amounts of multiplayer retries. When I discovered it, I was appalled at how easy it was. I think multiplayer retries ruined multiplayer. I guess it makes TFG money, so they don't mind.
  • Ruins it a little... but I have a feeling the really good players don't need retries and don't want to waste the time. I know the good players I play send the race back almost instantly and with times I can't come close to.
  • Ya i submitted a record once on desert 2 level 1 with acro that teleported from the ramp to the very end and the time was 7.2 or something and I was new to the records site and I uploaded it and so it was later on deleted...when Craig or someone checks and sees the teleportation they delete it. Its really not fair tho because unless someone experiences the glitch the record cannot be it takes no skill only luck
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