Non-Root Android Method to get Personal Record Files!

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For a long time, Android users could only submit records to if they had a rooted device. This is because BikeRace stores the personal best times files in a protected part of the Android file system.

ADB Backups:
As of Android 4.0, there is a tool that allows non-root backups of files. The process isn't easy and requires some Android developer tools even to get the backup. Extracting the files is another problem too.

Helium Backup:


Well someone made an easier to use backup app that doesn't require root. It's called Helium - App Sync and Backup. The app works really well for rooted devices, but it also works for NON-rooted Android devices as well! The first time you open the app, you need to connect your Android device to a computer with the desktop version of the Helium app to get it started. After that, you can make backups of any app and store it anywhere you like.

I've known how to extract ADB backup files for awhile and figured Helium Backup files were the same exact thing. Turns out Helium Backup does it differently, and I never figured out what was different. Luckily someone wrote a java program that can extract Helium Backups.

So long story short:
I need non-rooted Android users to create a Helium Backup of their game and send it to me. I need to test if I can get access to your ghost files. Once I extract the files, I can send them back to you so you can upload them to

After I do enough testing, I can make it so the website accepts Helium Backup files for submissions.

So if you know some awesome Bike Race players who can't root their device, see if you can get them to install Helium, get it to backup Bike Race, then send it to me.

Helium Backup files can be sent to

Thanks all!


  • First I would like to say I really appreciate the effort you are putting into making a user friendly method for non-rooted android racers to get their name up on the board ( even though I'm rooted and know how to use adb). I just wanted to ask would it help you if anyone sent their helium backups for now? Like my wife plays a lot against me, but she isn't really that good. Since she won't let me root her nexus 5, I can make a helium backup of hers and send it for research purposes but I guarantee her times won't make the cut.
  • Actually, yes, that would help. I'd like to test the Helium Backups from a few different devices before I try to integrate it into the website. So if you could send me a Helium Backup from both your phone and your wife's, that would be useful. You don't have to use the non-root method for Helium on your phone; I'm guessing the file backup format is the same whether you're rooted or not.
  • Craig - need any more non-rooted backup files? I usually use Helium before switching phones. I have an S4 now.
  • I haven't gotten much interest yet, actually. It seems like people who can't/won't root their phone, also can't/won't use Helium Backup. I think there's a growing number of people who don't have computers. Unless I get more interest, anyone who wants to submit records can send me their Helium Backup file and I can extract it for them. Thanks for the offer!
  • Well I just got a record on my new non rooted android so I guess ill be tryibg this out :)
  • race & time? just in case it doesn't work.
  • Desert 2 - 8.75, problem is this new phone i got from someone else apparently doesnt have an sd card! it seems like helium cant be downloaded without it. might take some work but i think i can figure it out
    or just do record again on old rooted phone
  • Craig I'm going to send you my helium backup.
  • Is the non-rooted Android/Helium backup method working? I noticed Garrett's 8.75s Desert 2 hasn't posted yet. To my surprise, I do have 2 times that would get me on the board. Between Justin and Josh on Easter5 and between Lyle and Anderson on Easter8.
  • I just haven't really been trying
  • You're not not-trying hard enough when you race me.
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