Upload ghost no facebook

Is it possible to upload a best-time ghost to this site without logging into a facebook account? I have been looking all over for the upload button, maybe i've missed it.


  • Sorry, Facebook is the only way to login to BikeRaceRecords.com and then upload best-time ghosts.

    There were a couple reason's I didn't implement local logins to BRR:

    1. I didn't want to manage people's passwords. Using "oauth" makes it so I can let the experts handle passwords, and they can let me know if you've logged in correctly.
    2. I didn't want to handle verifying people's email address. A problem that BikeRaceLevels has, is you can never ban users; they can very easily create a new account with very little effort. The sad truth is that I have to ban users every once in awhile. It's nice being able to write an email to the person who uploaded bogus records, so I can explain what happened and how they can prevent it in the future.

    My initial intent was to implement oauth logins from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and um.. Yahoo? I decided to implement Facebook first since most BikeRace players sign-in with Facebook for multiplayer. After I got Facebook logins working, most people were happy with it. I think there have been 2 or 3 people who have specifically asked for logins without Facebook.

    There are some people that created an unused Facebook user for BikeRace and BikeRaceRecords.

    Hope that helps. I'm open to any feedback you have.
  • Also, BRR will never:

    * Post (or ask to post) to Facebook on a user's behalf
    * Send you random emails (except for notifications about fake records the user has uploaded)
    * Anything else I wouldn't want done with my own Facebook info.
  • * Post (or ask to post) to Facebook on a user's behalf
    How I am supposed to irritate all of my friends while letting them know that I play too often?
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    yeah that's cool, I understand. Well if I ever happen to become a prestigious bike race free world record holder (not any time real soon), I'll just upload it with my wife's Facebook.. She's not as weird about Facebook as me.

    Although Google/gmail login would be acceptable to me.
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    I actually got an android record today.. So sooner than I thought. I broke down and used my Facebook when I realized you can change your displayed name and everything. Savannah1-6

    I guess uhh once I got a record to upload, being all uppity about my Facebook didn't matter as much, lol
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