Shortcuts in MP

Here ive compiled a list of all the shortcuts that i know of in regards to the multi player levels. I categorized them based off of difficulty and whether or not its practical to try them. id be interested in how you guys handle this interesting part of the game. Keep in mind mine are for acrobike

What shortcuts are you very successful (around 80%) with and always attempt?
Desert 1-7
Dunes 1-7 (left first)
Hills 1-2 (if you consider the direct jump a shortcut)
Hills 1-4 (only very successful with getting that first jump, the second jump is much harder to land directly on top of the second hump)
Hills 1-7
Beach 1-1
Beach 1-4
Beach 1-5
Beach 1-6
Beach 1-7
Beach 1-8
Savanna 1-6
Savanna 1-8
Desert 2-1
Desert 2-3
Desert 2-5
Desert 2-8 (without the front brake flick)
Arctic 2-2
Arctice 2-3
Arctic 2-4 (not doing the first braking shortcut, and also going down on the first platform rather than the second when you do the backflip. this level is interesting in terms of shortcuts, ive been trying to get on that second platform more and more often depending on who i am playing)
Arctic 2-5
Arctic 2-8 (going through the first hole rather than the harder second one)

Now what shortcuts are you not as successful with, but still doable and still attempt?
Arctic 1-7 (going left first is generally something ill only attempt if the other player did it, some of the better players are pretty successful with this one, might be worth attempting every time and biting the bullet for the fails)
Dunes 1-7 (way to go to the players who can go right first and successfully do that big jump afterwards. this is one ive only completed in mp maybe twice and will only try if the other player does it.)
Hills 1-4 (every player should always attempt to get that second jump done smoothly, unfortunately it takes doing the first well for the setup. i'm getting better at this, but not nearly 80%)
Desert 2-6 (i was tempted to put this in the 80% category, but truthfully i just dont think im doing it that often)
Desert 2-8 (i practice using the front brake flick more and more, the first time i saw jason c. do it it was kind of a wtf moment cause i didnt understand the brake part. fun when you do it right)
Arctice 2-1 (same as desert 2-6, always attempt of course but just simply need to get more consistent at it)
Arctic 2-4 (not using the first brake sc, but using the second platform after the back flip and then flicking to the finish, shaves some time off, quite doable but tough.)
Arctic 2-6 (after practicing this one a lot in single player, it got much much easier to jump directly to the finish rather than through the hole at the top. i can do this one over 50% now for sure and is easier than you think once you practice it.)
Arctic 2-8 (braking into the second hole rather than the first is something i should probably start trying everytime now, the players who beat me all seem to do this)

Lastly, what are the shortcuts you never try cause its just too fucking difficult? Pretty much all the ones on my list are really a rare sight to see in mp.
Arctic 1-4 (going through the first hole directly and then doing that stretch of a jump afterwards is something ill never try in mp, however i have seen it done)
Beach 1-3 (for those who havent downloaded the single player world record replays you probably wouldnt even know what the shortcut is. basically this insane shortcut doesnt use the loops but flicks up under the first loop and then drives right under the second. Igor S. completes this level in 15.38 to give you an idea of how hard it is, never seen done in mp and not worth trying. good hog bike players can be successful with this one but looks hard nonetheless)
Savanna 1-5 (also not an obvious shortcut but you can actually flick under that first loop after you get about half way through the level. this one is not terribly hard to actually complete but keeping the momentum to actually make it faster is. never seen anybody do it surprisingly in mp, but i may start trying it at some point cause its a fun level)
Desert 2-2 (instead of hopping up to the platform you can actually flick up and over that little circle. this one is difficult just to do in single player for myself. ive seen players do it and i dont understand how they did in three tries or less. hog players are better at this.)
Arctic 2-1 (you can completely bypass the whole second loop and just do the first loop right into the big jump to the finish. ive never completed this in single player and have never seen it done in mp. hats off to you if you can even do it!)
Arctic 2-4 (this is probably the easiest shortcut of this difficult list. braking down the first hole is probably just something that can be worked through with tons of practice. its right at the beginning of the level so its time efficient for practicing. its more so just an annoying way to fail when you do. done this once in mp because somebody else did. its a bit more common to see but still rare.)


  • The shortcuts from the first category i'm pretty much always successful with, in the second category there are some pretty interesting ones tho.
    I'm never going to the left at the start of arctic 1'7, I always go to the right. If u do it correctly u can be pretty fast with this. Also that way is a bit less annoying if u ask me :) I can usually get under 15.00 with this and i was under 13.60 five times so far in mp. That's actually fast enough to beat most guys who go to the left.
    I always try the big sc on dunes 1'7, I'd say i'm successful in at least one third of all races in mp, i had to practise a lot for this tho.
    Regarding the last category:
    I always try the shortcut on arctic 1'4 with the first two attempts, I still don't succeed it too often :) Maybe 5 %.
    Beach 1'3 is one of my favourite maps lately, I always try to cut the 3rd, 4th and 6th loop and I do succeed it really often I'd say :) The annoying thing about this is that I still don't always win this map cause u need some luck for the jump between the fourth and fifth loop and land perfectly, otherwise u lose all your speed.
    Desert 2'2 is crazy to do in mp with acro, the only one I've seen doing that so far was Markus N.
    The first shortcut on Arctic 2'4 is just annoying like u already said, I usually only try the second one.
    Ok so now Arctic 2'1...
    Looking at the records on that map one can't help but noticing that it's only iOS users who got under 17 secs.
    As a matter of fact I only know one person who has ever managed this shortcut with an android device and that's Oscar J. And he's really really crazy at that kind of cuts.
    So it obviously is almost impossible for android, iOS users on the other side can even do this shortcut in mp sometimes, Julius F (he plays with an ipod) did this against me for example.
    I'm pretty sure that there's a different handling for android and iOS

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    It gets even more obvious when looking at hills 2'8.
    I asked Daniel B and he told me his time took him two minutes.
    I have tried and tried that shortcut with my nexus 7 and never came even close to succeeding it. That's just ridicolous.
  • Under 14 in Arctic 1'7 going right seems crazy, ive done under 15 many times like you but you must be getting some perfect hang system in the beginning to the right for u14.
    What you said about Arctic 2'1 is very interesting. Because before anybody had made a record with that shortcut i was trying it A LOT cause i wanted to do it first. Never got the damn thing and yes it must just be an iOS user friendly level.
    As for Hills 2'8. A picture is worth a thousand words :)
  • Cool thread idea. I didn't know there was such a drastic difference between iOS and Android for some of these things.

    Desert 1-7 - I can pull this one fairly consistently
    Dunes 1-7 - I'm pretty good at the medium time short cut (left first), I've done the big short cut in single player but never mp
    Hills 1-7 - I can do this one about 80%
    Beach 1-5 - have not hit this one (I even created a damn thread about it)
    Beach 1-6 - I have hard time with the final part, about 20% success
    Savanna 1-6 - I can always do this one, but sometimes I clip the top and I'm free falling to a loss because you finish before you can crash
    Desert 2-3 - I've gotten much better at this one
    Desert 2-5 - I can short cut the first section, but I usually crash trying the second loop so more often than not I just go full route for that part
    Desert 2-6 - I can usually do this one, but many times I'm on my third attempt so I'm slow rolling that final flick
    Arctic 2-4 - I've pulled off the first shortcut a time or two, but usually not worth it in mp. I have been close on flicking from the upper platform but only with hog, acro is too sensitive for me and I crash.
    Arctic 2-6 - I should practice the direct jump, never done it
    Arctic 2-8 - this is one of those levels that I often fail on, "short cut" or not.

    Beach 1-3 - Niklas and Igor C. use these shortcuts in mp against me. Here is Igor Stark's video showing this:

    Savanna 1-5 - skipping that first loop is fairly easy with Hog bike, Igor C. does it every time against me. I've done it with Hog, never been able to do it with acro

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    NiklasB, if I remember correctly, to do the Hills2'8 shortcut, you lean all the way left, then right before going off the platform, you lean forward. It's kind of the reverse of doing a wheelie to jump over tiny bumps. The motion gives you a small amount of lift and height onto the curve to give you the extra speed you need.

    I did this shortcut in about 2 minutes, then recorded the ghost:
  • Garrett, great idea for a thread.

    Obviously I always attempt and almost always succeed on everything in your first section.

    As for the second section:
    Arctic 1-7 - I always attempt left on my first two lives and go right on my third depending on who my opponent is and what they did. I have seen people go right and drop straight down barely touching any balls, that is how Niklas is able to go sub 14.. I can never seem to get it just right.
    Dunes 1-7 is becoming more popular, at least among the players that I race with. I still can't seem to get it in mp so I usually only attempt it if my opponent did it successfully.
    Hills 1-4 - Like you said, attempt every time, hope that it works.
    Desert 2-6 belongs in the top category for me, I've practiced this enough that I actually suck at going the regular way now lol.
    Desert 2-8 is still tough for me to get, my best time is still bouncing off of that ball. I'm behind on learning this trick and it seems to be costing me.
    Arctic 2-1 beginning cut is attempted every time no matter what... If I mess it up it is my loss.
    Arctic 2-4 I go bottom most times because I'm usually faster than my opponent on this level.
    Arctic 2-6 - This is my favorite shortcut, as you can see by the world records I should be catching Igor any day now ;) I go for this on my first 2 lives every time and my third only against the best racers.
    Arctic 2-8 - This is another that I believe belongs in the top column. Garrett you are definitely good enough to make this trick consistently

    Now the third section:
    Desert 1-3 (You forgot about this one!) - I have never seen this done in mp and it is still very hard for me to get in single player. I can't hold the wheelie long enough to get a good flick. Not worth trying in mp.
    Arctic 1-4 - I have only seen this done in mp twice. Once by Raoul and once by Igor. I've seen others attempt but they usually do not succeed. It is not worth my time.
    Beach 1-3 - I see the good players attempt this and like you said hog players have an easier time here. It doesn't seem like it shaves off that much time in mp because it is hard to get perfectly. I stick with the normal way and usually wind up between 17.7 - 18.1.
    Savanna 1-5 - I don't see this attempted very often and to be honest I never believed it was quicker. Not worth attempting in mp because it rarely affects the outcome anyway.
    Desert 2-2 seems impossible to me lol. I have never gotten it and also don't understand how it can be done in less than 3 tries. Good for the players that can do this.
    Arctic 2-1 - It's funny that you posted this today because I successfully landed this trick today for the first time, I will upload my ghost later (15.8 acro). This is something that I am going to attempt on my first life in mp from now on, If you hit the entire ramp leading to the finish it isn't that hard to make it (I am using iOS).
    Arctic 2-4 - Braking in the beginning is worth trying on the first 2 lives because the rest of the level is easy enough to do well on your third life. I am not very successful here but I've gotten it a few times in mp. (I believe I got it once against you Garrett :p)
  • One more that hasn't been addressed here yet:

    Hills 1-8 - I am not exactly sure how effective it can be in mp for acro but I have seen Gustav do it and he crushed me, I also see hog racers use this route. It involves skipping the bottom part of the fifth platform. I believe you have to hit the ramp on the third platform just right and bounce off of the fourth to make it correctly. This one looks like it shouldnt be that bad but I have not been able to get it yet. I plan on trying to perfect this in single player before attempting it against pros.
  • Desert 2-2 - I actually managed to flick over the little circle today in a game against Niklas. Now, it's hardly worth mentioning, but it did take more than 1 try and my final time was just above 50 seconds.

    Arctic 2-1 - I have never seen the shortcut you guys are talking about, justin please post the link when you upload your ghost.
  • Oh, I thought you were going to post a youtube vid. I misread what you wrote.
  • Here is a picture of what I mean. The red line is the shortcut
  • Ah, gotcha. So what's the best technique for pulling that off? Although being on Android, the stuff Niklas said doesn't make me hopeful.
  • Play the level normally until you hit that last loop. Once you're there hit the brake about 3/4 of the way into the loop so that you land at the exact top of the final ramp (you have to test this part out and find the sweet spot for landing on the ramp perfectly). Keep both tires on the ramp the whole time and flick forward fast and back hard just as you leave the ramp. Lean back in the air so you can land on the final platform with your back tire. Hopefully that helps, its hard to actually think about what I'm doing haha
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    Ah well so here are a few tries of mine trying to succeed in this crap with my nexus 7 :) It seems to be poss for android after all, but def not in 2 minutes. At least not for me :D
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    Aw yes indeed i forgot about Desert 1'3. Never seen that one done in mp except by a hog bike :) also i think we can all agree that the iOS makes a difference? Mainly addressing Craig cause he did the Hills 2'8 in 2 minutes! As an android user i have never been able to do this one either even though i tried for awhile. I think the evidence is indisputable for these two levels (Arctic 2'1 and Hills 2'8).

    Now we know that iOS works better on these levels for the short cuts. The real question is whether iOS has advantages in other levels that aren't as noticeable. If so I'm sure they are minute, probably not worth caring about.

    P.S. Craig I'm assuming you were using an iOS when you did the shortcut?
  • The real question is whether iOS has advantages in other levels that aren't as noticeable.
    Excellent. I'm going to go ahead and assume everyone who is beating me is on iOS, including many of you bastards.
  • The real question is whether iOS has advantages in other levels that aren't as noticeable.

    My wife previously had an iPod touch 4 (now she has a nexus 5) and I have an i-777 galaxy s2. When I used to use her iPod to help her unlock bikes, I would always tell her that I thought the acrobatic bike jumped a little higher on her device than on mine.
  • Savanna 1-6 - I can always do this one, but sometimes I clip the top and I'm free falling to a loss because you finish before you can crash

    Lyle, you do know you can kill yourself midair or wherever? Just saying cause I only found that out after a half year of playing BR.
  • Actually yes I did know that you can pause and suicide....but I completely forgot about it. I'll have to try and remember, though I'll probably screw it up in a panic.
  • I have a hard time believing Acro bike is different between iOS and Android. Super Bike, however, is very different!
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