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2 months and 20 days and finaaaaaly 10 000 wins. Post yours links pleaaase :) I play with ghost bike :D


  • 345 straight wins?! I get bored whipping easy meat, 60% of the players I play against have winning records against me. I'm an above average player n like to play the top guys to learn new tricks and improve. Anyway thats just me, everyone free to do what they want. I only play with the acro bike, don't see the appeal of the ghost. I'll take u on tho if you like :)

    Oh btw my win record is 28, woop woop ;)
  • i agree matb. 27 is my record, but that means nothing and is completely controllable if you cherry pick your races for a couple of days or weeks. - Zan U. is a really good but he needs to switch to acro. - mellas
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    I raced him a few times and the first race he used the acrobatic bike I think and I won. Then he switched to the ghost bike and proceeded to kill me with the shortcuts. He knows shortcuts that I didn't even know was possible on the ghost bike. I eventually quit racing him because I can only win the races that he doesn't know a shortcut to.

    On another note, and I'm sure other acro bike racers would agree with me, when I'm playing single player, I wouldn't be satisfied completing savannah 2 or say holiday 3 ( or any level for that matter) with the ghost bike 24 stars. I only feel like I've accomplished something if I get 24 stars on a section if I've used the acro bike.. Or perhaps normal or hog bikes. When I got the thanksgiving, Halloween, and Santa bike ( no easter on android yet ): ) I wasn't interested in using the bikes.. They were more like a trophy.
  • I got the Santa with less than an hour left. Backwards gear seems to hurt more than help.
  • matb, BRrules and cantdoitcap sorry for playing ghost, but that is not that sad then playing aginst super or ultrabikes. Ghost is availble for all (good) players. 2 months ago I started to play with ghostbike and I used on ghostbike. Sorry dudes. :)
  • Here's the thing, I race mostly acro. I have a couple people I race against who use hog bike, so you know what I do? I switch to hog bike when I race them. I'm not as good with hog, but it's more fun racing the same bike.

    I don't switch to ghost when racing ghost bike users though.

    Another thing that boggles my mind is when you run into ultra bikers who keep racing your non-ultra bike. The last time I got a race from someone using ultra I decided to see if he would continue to race me if every time I just tilted back directly into a fail. And yep, he just kept going about his merry way, "winning" races. I eventually deleted him because he clearly wasn't getting the message. I imagine he is 12.

  • Whats great is when you race somebody who is completely new to the game. school them for awhile and then notice they buy the ultra for 30 bucks cause they dont appreciate the skill of the game, and then continue to beat them a majority of the races against their ultra :)
    i think the ghost bike taps into different fun aspects of the game and can allow you to be creative. Of course its not fair in mp against them but im not gonna judge their preference. the ultra and super though looks like a stupid waste of money and your not impressing anyone :)
  • Garrett_H Agree. :)
  • Well said Garrett.
  • Dear Doctor,
    If you insist on ghost, please don't take the shortcut on Dunes3. If you do, please explain how that is competitive or fun or anything but a waste of time.
  • I use the best bike Super Bike, I have like 1350 wins to 130 against another Super Biker. My problem is that most Super Bikers and Ultra Bike idiots get fed up and delete me lol, oh well. My best is 542 straight wins.

  • How long u re playing bikerace
  • Garrett - I just had it go the other way...he started off with the super bike and was losing about 20-2 now he's on the acro!
  • Race with me. I'm a good ghost bike player. Here's my link
  • I think all of you are "cheaters"! Go Normal or go home! ;)
  • Lawler post our link
  • I mean mawler
  • Amber, do you know any links that you race against so I can race them?
  • Craig are you 'lightening' by any chance?
  • he is not.
  • Anyone knows who "Lightning R" is then? And "guest 7812"? Both very good.
  • @Wouter this is way late haha but Lightning R is Wilson I.
  • Pro first one, TFG second
  • God Dangit screenshot won't show up
  • 9008 on Pro, 3409 on TFG
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