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What's the most races you've played against an opponent? My best is 689-381 (1070). I've been playing him (houbii) since I first got the game. I have to log into my guest account to play him! was about 6 months into it before I logged in via Facebook to unlock stuff.
Keeping this one race going though has become a game in itself, I want to reach 1K wins :)


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    My wife and I are 1275-233, lol. Other than her, I race my buddy that works on the boat with me our record is 504-504. We race with the ultra bike, he is really the only person I use the ultra bike with.
  • well over 2k total with ->(Turbo)<-, had to delete him once so don't have exact total; he has the edge about 5 to 7. also race my electrician: 969 - 68
  • My highest opponent is over 600 games - Atle H.
    He was the first good racer I ran into that I learned some tricks from. He jumped out to a huge lead (like 70+ games) on me but then I started racing against even better people (many on this board) and I chipped away at the lead and recently passed him. Current record is 334-326. We still have some pretty good races.

    Actually, I tried looking him up on FB since we've been playing so long but couldn't find him.

  • My is against Standard Z. (890-21) (Both play with ghost).
  • My highest is against Mixolito B. (345-202) 547 races (Ghost vs Ghost) .
  • Do you know his link, Ben
  • Unfortunately not :(
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    Oh, do you know any other links that I could race against?
  • 2342-1083 with my roommate Mannis O. I had a race with a guy Justin W which was something like 2000-300 but he deleted me just after 2000. I guess he couldn't handle the shame :p
  • Haha, that's probably why. Do you know Mannis's link so I could race against him?
  • Heh Mannis is your roommate justin? i think i started playing him before playing you, but deleted him sometime ago cause he had stopped playing.
  • My highest is against irl friends - Nanna V. (1130-192) and Pierre-Henri S. (524-761)
  • I used to play Mannis. Too bad he stopped playing. 2342-1083 is pretty impressive. Must be cool to have some irl friends that play BR. I don't have any.
  • I have like 50 irl friends who has played br, now theres only one or two active players that I know irl.
  • I recognize that. I tried to persuade some friends to play, but they never really got hooked on it. Hate that, since I think it's probably the best game I've ever played or at least the game I'm most hooked on.
  • My friends are never interested in any competitive games I play, despite all being gamers, some more "hardcore" (in terms of time they spend) than me. It started with QuakeWorld, then SSX (2012) and now Bike Race. I cannot talk about it either or they seem to get visibly irritated/disinterested. My best friend and I actually met through a common interest in Final Fantasy 7 back in highschool when we were about 14. But the only competitive game we played together though was Counter-Strike (back in 1.3 - 1.5). Neither of us were ever massively into it though.
  • final fantasy 7 is the best game ever :)
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    :) Certainly! Well I play some of the songs on keyboard. Just uploaded a couple if you wanna see
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  • Forgot to check back in here. It was awesome living with another heavy player, we would just sit in the living room and try new tricks for hours at a time. I vividly remember racing to be the first to do Beach 1-5 and Arctic 2-6. He has stopped playing within the last few months so giving out his code is pointless, sorry Da_BEAST.
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    It's alright. Sounds like fun. Too bad though. Do you wish he still played?
  • I wish everyone played
  • funny stephen i have ff7 songs on my youtube account but played on guitar from years and years ago :) nicely played by the way
    here is a link of me playing aerith's theme, probably my favorite of the bunch (bad sound quality though]
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    Cool. Checking it out now. Thanks. I can play Aeris' Theme too. Yeah it's the epitome of strong emotional melody. I can play 7 songs from FF7 and I'm in the process of recording and uploading them. I tried to record "Holding my Thoughts in my Heart" today, but kept messing up so I will try again in a bit. I've only just started playing in February, although I did take some piano lessons in my childhood. My goal was to learn all I wanted in FF7 then work my way up through the games lol. Some of them that I've attempted (Temple of the Ancients) are proving too difficult at the moment though, but I'll keep at it. :)
  • I have a friend that plays br, he is in my school but we had something like 70-20 a while ago, then he got an ultra bike and the tables are turned we had 90-120, then I restarted the races when I got my ultra bike and now it's 48-3 my most played player is Shahid S 105-35
  • My highest opponent is John C. at 582-1171. It's acro vs acro and I always learn new tricks while racing him.
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