Have you ever smashed your best time in multiplayer?

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.. Or even worse best a WR in multiplayer. I'm pretty sure I beat ( or really close) an android record in multiplayer, on beach 1-5. Fml. I spend a lot of time trying to beat my own best times in single player.Do you ever just try to beat your own record on an level on single player over and over again to no avail.. And then just completely smash it out of nowhere in one try on multiplayer and cant record the ghost.?tmp_Screenshot_2014-04-01-15-51-051842797826


  • I have no idea what my best times on any level are except Desert1-1.
    I do sometimes go back and race single player and am often surprised at how well I did on some of the levels like "whoa...I made that look easy".
  • I have had my personal bests in MP. It is frustrating not to 'keep' that record. I don't program computers for a living, but I am pretty confident it would not be a technological breakthrough for the MP race to replace your personal best.
  • Actually BRrules, I've done it before. That's how I recorded the video at the end of the post. I did it with a rooted Android phone. The game stores all your data in a SQLite database file. It's confusing to navigate through and figure out what you're looking for. Even for me, it's not quite worth the hassle.

    I had an idea to make a Bike Race Records Multiplayer server. Basically create a multiplayer link per bike and always send the current record for that level. If someone beats it, it becomes the new record. It would be pretty difficult to do; I'd say I have about 50% of the knowledge it would take to complete.

  • Sometimes I dig through the sqlite databases in my bike race data folder. I did notice other interesting information in there ( user info, and some stuff about the people I race against), but I had no idea you could take some of the info to record your multiplayer races.
  • Some pretty smooth ghost riding there. Nice work.
  • I've smashed a few of my PBs in MP, soooo frustrating!
  • Thanks mat, at least someone sympathizes with me.
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    Had a pretty crazy race a long time ago against a hog player Igor C., this was a wr when he got it at the time.
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    I got 16.31 on dunes 3 in mp a few months back when the wr was at 16.41 and 8.81 on arctic 3 when the wr was at 8.83. Was pretty frustrating when I got those times but in the end it doesn't matter as the records on both levels are much faster now and I beat both of them in sp some time later (16.23 and 8.77).
    A run that still really upsets me tho are the 2.86 on savanna 8 I got against cantdoitcap. DAMN!!! WHY?? What doesn't make it better is that I then tried repeating that run in sp and got 2.88 five (!) times without actually beating Igor's 2.88. Damn, I really hate that lvl haha
  • I didn't even notice you had a time that fast against me nik, which is weird because I pretty much watch the replay of every race I have against you and garrett so that I can learn new ways to get a little more speed.
  • Screenshot_2014-03-06-16-45-14

    Hmm here u go ;)
  • Haha it looks like we all screenshot the crazy MP races too.
  • I pretty much watch the replay of every race I have against you and garrett so that I can learn new ways to get a little more speed.
    Same here. The lesson I learn is usually: "how did he do that?"
    Followed by:
    ".....fuck you and your monkey" (Niklas)
    ".....fuck you and your smiling face" (Anders)
    ".....fuck you and your pink shirt" (Garret)
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    Hahah lol
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    Whenever I smash one of my records in MP I immediately go back to SP to beat it so I always have the personal best time in SP. Recently it was desert 5 I got 9.85 against Garrett H I think... My old record was 9.9 and after I went to SP and got 9.7. Bit annoying that it doesn't show the hundredths of a second in singleplayer. But yeah I have spent ages in SP on 1 record before to no avail. Then one day in the future just randomly smash it out first try in MP lol
  • What's your game link? StephenT
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    I didn't know how to find it so you prompted me make the effort to find out hehe. It's http://bikerace.me/z5dkRA
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    Just notched a very rare, very sweet win against Wouter with a personal best on Arctic1-3.

    changing to logging in via FB so BRrules -> mellas
  • 9.87 in desert 2-2 against justin r. :) first time ive ever done the sc in mp
  • Nice time by Lyle on Hills 5
    Whoa....hey that would be 4th place in the records!

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