a 'good' win -- so what's yours?

So I went out to eat lunch this Saturday. Out with in-laws. A tradition I do most Saturdays when I am in this part of the world. The huge language barrier gives me good cover to zone-out and do a couple of races before the food arrives. First up, multiple WR holder - Garret. Splendid..., where is my plumber when I need a warm-up race. So mellas straps on his useless helmet and bravely starts his cycle. He's been in this battle 61 times before and knows what to expect. It's Artic8. Does that matter? No. G will be out of view soon after anything even remotely technical appears, for example a bump or a ramp or a jump or a loop....absent those things, the race would be pretty competitive. And...they're off. G is out in front, now he's out of the scene...leaving mellas to concentrate on overcoming jetlag and keeping his helmet from even the slightest contact with anything or it's certain death. Halfway through the course mellas sees something unusual ahead, but perhaps it's a mirage. Oh it's real, G - the newly crowned WR holder of this very course - is now under mellas' tires. Wheels spinning furiously, but not able to move. mellas performs his, often misunderstood, dance over the top of G's burial site. The dance is meant to commemorate a fallen comrade, not to boast or humiliate. Then mellas was off to the finish line. To take that first 'W'. 1-61.


  • Great read and congratulations! :)
  • Your good with acro matb
  • Lol, I love this post. Thanks for sharing!
  • Heh mellas i remember when this happened. It has been a person goal of mine to get 100-0 against somebody. Of course i always mess up at some point and never quite reach it. this was no exception, the fact that i had been a perfectionist with this course right before i raced you in it made me try to do it perfectly and fail :/ "W" well earned and many more (some which already have) to come im sure.
  • I thought my wife was going to be the 100-0 .. But she just noticed this morning your perfectionism failed. 1-78 lol
  • Desert 2-2 vs Niklas (I am sending a race, 3rd and final attempt).

    I hit the circle just right and landed on edge of the above track in great position. All I need to do is short jump between the upper and lower tracks and I'll post a great time.

    ......and SMACK right into the circle, putting me back on the starting side. Well shit. I might as well try the pro trick of flicking over it. I manage to get it after many attempts. Moral victory.

    Niklas sends back a race and I see I won...wtf. So I watch, and he decided to try the flick as well. Never have I enjoyed watching a replay as much as then, as we spent the better part of 90 seconds ramming into that stupid circle trying to get over, like a couple retarded sperm trying to get to the egg.

    tl;dr: I won a race using a difficult pro trick.

  • hilarious! what a unique win... very nice.
  • Awesome stories here. I laughed. I had a win in an acro-tournament vs Dani El on Arctic 7. Third attempt and as always I try that trick to fall down trying not to touch the balls, which hardly ever works out for me. But this time I just felt straight down and actually managed to keep my cool and got a time around 14 sec. That felt pretty good. Eventually I won 5-4 to him, totally not expected that.
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  • I have no idea how I won this, on my screen it looked like you were just a touch ahead of me.

  • Oh ya I remember watching that one. I couldn't believe that you won too! Thought that I surely had it in the bag
  • Android rules!
  • Android rules! - Unless you're using Samsung :( Terry Berry just confirmed my long held suspicions that my Galaxy phones are prone to BR problems.
  • Can you elaborate on the problems? I'm on Galaxy as well. I get the occasional teleport glitch but otherwise I don't notice anything.
  • Had to share this one with you guys, crazy close win :)
  • when the free RAM is low, the game can start hesitating, making it impossible to continue until you exit it and manually free up memory.

    Nice win matb! It's always fun to win using the more conventional route. That was a great bounce off the circle.
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