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Comment a picture of the people that you have played the most games with.


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    I'll just post them all. I didn't include all of my Facebook friends, only the first three screenshots. All acro racers except Paul B (ghost), he hasn't played since 2012. This is what 49,281 wins looks like.

  • That's really cool justin. Thanks for sharing. I always wondered what the matchup would be like between you, nick, and Garrett. I also see you play Igor stark, I was curious if he was as impressive in multiplayer as he is in single player/YouTube vids.
  • Justin are you on iOS? I'm curious because the photos next to some people (e.g., Lisa B., Garret H.) on your list are different than on mine (Android) so maybe iOS updates to the latest photo people are using?
  • Igor is just as good in multiplayer, as you can see haha. He never plays though, all of our races are from about three days total last year. I am using iOS and I am pretty sure the pictures update as soon as they do on Facebook
  • Thanks Justin. That's really cool, we should play a game. What's ur link, I'll use acro.
  • What does yours look like, cantdoitcap
  • I was wrong when I said they were all acro racers, there are a few hog racers in there as well. My code is
  • Thank you, I will start with you. Do you know if Oscar J still plays?
  • Yes he has a new account Boooyah
  • Oh ok. Last question, do you know any other game links that I could race against. Thank you
  • bike race 1
    bike race 2

    Iam playing just few months so I havent got that much games :)
  • Anybody else playing Dave H? He has 55k wins :-o
  • That's very cool, thank you.
  • I have sent Dave H races many times. He always races me a few times and then deletes me. Maybe he doesn't like too much of a challenge :p Da_BEAST the only people I can suggest are the people on Igor's spreadsheet, I don't know the codes of anyone else I play
  • Here you go beast, this is mine, I left some of the lower ones out. Eh.. Not too impressive.tmp_Screenshot_2014-04-27-12-26-38-958730316
  • Thanks cantdoitcap! I find all of this very interesting.
  • I think a couple of these guys I'm gaining some ground on, I've probably gotten 4 or 5 times better since I've been racing on this forum the last couple months.
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    Oh nice, do you know their game links?
  • Not sure how many you have from this site, but mellas, soren, lisa (matt), anders, niklas, justin, wouter, garret, j2000, and cantdoitcap have all posted links on this site in the muliplayer links forum. Most are regular racers.
  • Thank you Lyle. I will most likely race them soon.
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    Just thought I'd give an update.
  • image

    Many of you I need to crash out in order to win!
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    Guess I'm winning about 1 in 3... Screenshot_2014-06-18-17-30-43
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    It's a little more closer for me against Andy H!
  • Maybe the ghost bike or the 1291 retries helped...
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