New Bike Race player on the forums ;)


I'm new here on the forums, so I want to introduce myself :). My name online is Ben K. I play Bike Race for ~1 year now and I'm still active on Multiplayer but also on single player. I have about 7700 wins online at the moment(~207 games).
You can't really say that I'm the best player out there, but I'm a pretty good racer. If you want to check out my Single player records, check out this link (it's from Cyberscore): .
Oh, and I mostly use the ghost bike online (I'm bad with the acro, need some practice :p).

Would you like to race me? This is my link: .

Have a good day!


  • Welcome Ben! I hope you enjoy the forum and find some good racers. Feel free to provide any feedback to me about the forum or
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