Thunder Bike

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As most of you know, there is a new update for the thunder bike. When I updated bike race, the daily tracks for the thunder bike didn't show up. Any help?


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    That Thunder bike thing is on bike race league, not bike race as we know it. That BRL is an other tfg game, only available in Sweden for some reason.
  • But my friend updated it and got the levels, and I didn't so that's what confuses me and he has pro
  • Will some please help me, I am anxious to know so I can start the levels.
  • Does your friend still have it? I was told iOS Pro players got that in the new update but it went away. I didn't see it and I use iOS Pro
  • Mine showed it for a min. I set it down and it went to lock screen and when I unlocked it went back to the startup screen and the daily challenge was gone. I thought I had gone crazy.
  • Ya, my pro was gone, but on tfg it was there and I was able to complete the levels. Too bad it was on tfg though. Overall, the bike is mediocre. It is sort of similar to the acrobatic bike, except it is not quick and agile like the acro.
  • "Similar to acro but not as agile"... Isn't that a normal bike then?
    Strange story this is.
  • Similar to hog bike, but not as long.
  • Ya what Lyle said.
  • this bike have the same powers than super bike
    3x speed and super helmet
  • you get it being a ''top player'' on ios device
    to be a top player you need:
    1000+ multiplayer wins
    more than 200 stars on sigle player
    beat anyone that are a top player
    i have all it but i play on android device :(
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