In a rut

You ever find that you get in a rut on certain levels?

I'm currently having massive problems with Hills1-7. I used to be able to hit the shortcut all the time, but I would say I fail 9 out of 10 times lately.

I've also recently struggled with Savannah1-8 more than usual.


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    That happens all the time with me, including H1-7. If I remember to also hit the front tire off the little suspended ledge, things go better. If I forget about that and try doing it using the back tire only, it is much more difficult.

    With S1-8 I know I'll have a good shot at making it if my front tire gets very close to touching the end of the ramp as the bike is rotating downwards for a front flip - but never touches it.
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    Hills 1-7 is pretty random for me, tough to say a consistency rate but every now and then I make it. I never go down the hole, I always try for it. I've also noticed that pretty much everyone I've raced who can pull it off, does it differently to me. They put their front tire on the floating platform. I don't know how to do that. I learned to do it with just the back tire and that's all I know.

    S1-8 I got my personal best yesterday a 2.97 but it's not one I've ever struggled with.

    On hills 5 I can never do a quick start. And I don't mean sometimes I get a quick start... I mean I NEVER get a quick start and never have. I just don't get it! It's not just people on this site, it's everyone!

    Currently in a rut with Arctic 2 - 6. Ever since Garrett H did the crazy shortcut on me, I've been practicing it. Only problem is I've pulled it off 3 times... and that's the worst thing, when you've done something but you still don't know how to do it. I'm sitting there failing over and over thinking to myself "How did I do it before?" I haven't a clue what I did!
  • Arctic 2-6 seemed like the hardest thing ever when i first tried it. but now its easy, can almost do it everytime. just remember to back up so youll have lots of speed once you make it on that high platform. its important to not lose speed when you jump over the hole part. you kind of have to do a mini flick to get the speed right.

    Whats even harder is never backing up at all on that high platform and just rushing straight to the finish. niklas, booyah, and justin are pretty good at getting 9.xx times in this level but they do fail a lot too. i usually just take the safe 10.xx or 11.xx time
  • Thanks i will try some more. The other rut I'm in at the moment is Arctic 1-1. I don't get it. There's no shortcut or anything technical to learn, yet the fastest times are 7.1s when I only just finally beat my 7.7s with a 7.6s! What was it, luck? How did they go so high up on that 3rd hoop? Even the 10th time is 7.3 which is still beyond making any sense. I get 7.7s consistently, but only just got my first 7.6s
  • I've kinda figured out how to get to the top of the 3rd hoop, but the 2nd half is a complete mess. Justin killed this race against me, so I'm sure he knows. To get to the top of the 3rd hoop, I back way off on the 2nd half of the 1st hoop which allows you to get to the very beginning of the 2nd hoop, then if you come out if it correctly (bike pointing towards top of 3rd hoop) you'll get to the top. That's where my problems start. If you can figure the rest out, I'd love to know.
  • For arctic 1-1 I lean back in each of the three loops and then flick forward as I'm leaving each loop. After flicking out of the last loop I do a front flip, land on the platform with my back tire and with my front tire up and behind me (as to not bounce on the landing), then flick forward to the flag without my front tire ever touching. I usually get between 7.40 - 7.55 on this level in multi but I have gone sub 7.4.

    Garrett thanks for the shout of but I do not understand what you mean when you say "back up" on arctic 2-6.
  • Thanks Justin - now that I know how to do it, I am pretty confident I'll never be able to.

    Not to speak for Garrett, but I think I've seen others actually stop and back up on the platform before the one with the hole.
  • Yeah, what mellas said
  • I'm still at a complete loss with Hills1-7. I haven't completed the shortcut in MP in almost a month.
  • Lyle - 30 minutes in single player. again and again. Do it until you get it 2 to 3 times in a row.
  • The thing is I used to be able to hit that thing 3/4 of the time. Yeah, single player practice helps, but for the most part I just play the handful of active MP games I have going.
  • You're obviously doing something differently, probably something subtle. You might consider hiring a pro to analyze your technique. I agree, that might be ridiculous, but consider the millions spent every summer for people to get that slice or hook out of their golf swing. The slice that wasn't there last summer.
  • Ok. I infer from your terse reply that parting with $$ is not an option. But to go on and think you can overcome this without more invasive outside help is just foolish. Upload a vid of you trying 2 or 3 times either here or fb and I am sure the BR community will help out. Oh, by the way, another thing that I always need to remember to do is lean waaaay forward when on the hump.
  • I'm having trouble with Beach 1-5. I can never clear the loop. It's a for sure loss on that course.
  • I'm having trouble with Beach 1-5. I can never clear the loop. It's a for sure loss on that course.
    There's a club for people who can't make the jump. We're always looking for new members
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    Thanks. Glad to be a member! ;)
  • Lyle has been violating member rules. I have proof. But anyway, we are happy to have more members.
  • Hey guys,
    I'm have trouble with desert 2-8. I can't do this "brake flick" thing in the end. I'm always trying to finish the level hitting the round thing, but it's not as fast as flicking over. Any help?
  • As a rough guideline I let off the gas on the last gap then start braking as you get to the flat part before the jump then the flick over is just timing it so you get the front wheel over without hitting it on the ramp. If that helps any
  • I go hard until the very last flat ledge and brake just as you are getting on it, release the brake just before you start going upwards, glide up, flick and hope for the best. 5.33s is my pr, but 5.8 is kind of the standard time if I make it.
  • I go full throttle until I'm right at the upwards part, then brake flick
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