What are the signs of someone who may not be playing enough Bike Race?

top ten signs you aren't playing enough Bike Race.
10 - you don't have a callous on the tip of your right thumb from pressing the screen harder and harder to make your bike go faster and faster
9 - you still think there might be a different game app worth downloading onto your phone
8 - you can still distinguish between your real life friends and your BR friends
7 - You finish your morning coffee before running through all the over-night races.
6 - when your phone rings and your first thought isn't, "why is my BR device making that strange noise, I hope it ain't broke"
5 - you haven't yet developed enough skill to play BR undetected at the dinner table
4 - you still think in terms of 'minutes' for small amounts of time and not number of MP races.
3 - upon hearing about Donald Sterling's recent troubles, your first thought wasn't "as for myself, I am not a racist...I have no issues or problems with racing ghosts or ultras".
2 - You actually know when holidays are coming before you see the new set of holiday tracks.

And the #1 sign you are not playing enough BR...
1 - Your phone needs charging less than 3 times per day.

Hope you enjoyed this. Feel free to add some, certainly there are more than 10.


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    My wife specifically forbade me from playing Bike Race last weekend (Mother's Day).
    I think on Father's Day I'll forbid her from Facebook.
  • glad to see someone actually read this. If that was her M's Day wish, you just might be playing enough BR.
  • At work you go to the toilet only once or twice a day, and you actually use the urinal to take a piss.
  • If you still get notifications for Bike Race challenges you are not playing enough Bike Race. Playing against pros has taught me that I will always have races, and I will always check to make sure.
  • If you are here, right now, in this forum, in this topic, at this comment. If you are reading this comment, and still reading it, wondering if there is any point at all to it, seemingly endless, meaningles, whats going on? Still reading, thinking, wasting time, you dont play enough bike race.
  • Hey @mellas, I'm going to post this on Bike Race Secret's Facebook page. I hope you don't mind that I inverted it to "Signs You're Addicted..."
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    Craig - that's great! You've made it much better (esp#5). I need to keep you in mind to edit my future postings. Is your 2nd comment true? do you still play any?
  • Is this a sign? I've been redacted imageScreenshot_2014-05-25-18-07-43
  • Hmm some people not been playing enough bike race! Like me! I played for the first time again last night first time in AGES (Dark Souls 2 took over) and I was shocked to find Garret H, Justin R and Cantdoitcap and my most active opponent Ben G were all pokes not plays! What happened :O
  • GH is in the army, rarely plays, CDitcpt dropped out, Justin has no excuse, he still plays
  • Why'd cantdoitcap quit?
  • He got one ahead of me then quit...IMG_20140712_173505
  • winning record against matb: guess he figured he mastered the game - nothing left in it for him.
  • There's a lot of people who've mastered the game then!
  • I know these are old comments... But I was still amused because my Otterbox screen, or my iPhone screen has a small crack and a grey screen discoloration from where I push the gas really hard hoping to go faster :-)
    I'm sure I'll have problems with where I hit the brake soon as well.
  • Wowwww.... I always wondered if I might damage the screen, but didn't think it possible.
  • Yeah sometimes my screen give a blue colour when i brake much hard mostly in beach 7 . I think most of us would have experienced it .
  • Mellas I'm sending a game request.. I don't think I'm playing you yet?
  • I can't get your link to work mellas
  • http://bikerace.me/vKTagA
    Here's mine... I just realized the pro version has a different link than the TFG version
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