Multiplayer Video

I made a video of me playing 10 multiplayer games in a row with Garrett H, I figured this would be a good place to share it. Enjoy!


  • Very nice!
  • Game looks better than on android
  • Ya it does, matb
  • Hey Justin, did you delete the race with me?
  • I'm also using Bike Race Pro for iOS which makes it look nicer. Yes Da_BEAST I did. It's nothing personal I just don't like to have too many games going and I was beating you by a lot
  • Well can you please start with me. Link is I just want to build the race count up. Trust me, I wasnt my best. Can you give me another chance. You were fun to race against.
  • I'd love to make a video like that but to screen record you need to root n that scares the bejesus out of me!
  • Alright but you have to get 5 wins before I get 50 lol. matb I'm using a trial of reflector and it works quite well, I might just pay the $13 for the real app. iPhone rules haha
  • Rooting is super easy, and nowhere near as risky as jailbreaking.
    The only reason I resisted rooting was warranty related. If you're out of warranty you should really consider it.
  • I don't have a screen recording app, but I was able to create a montage of my recent games with Garret with screenshots.


  • Did you start the new race, Justin?
  • Ya I just did
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  • good luck beast.

    Lyle - lmao - that's only 9! You're doing pretty good!
  • Thanks mellas, I'll need against Justin!
  • that's only 9! You're doing pretty good!
    Yeah.....the last 9.
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    Matb, you wanna race? I typically use acro. Here's my link
  • This thread had me curious, so I downloaded a screen record app and wanted to test it out. I only had 2 active races so I clicked one and it actually turned out to be a close race with Lightning R. I did over-jump the ledge, which I almost always do.

  • A Tie, aka Win, vs Niklas:

  • Close win.
  • You know who is a jerk? Mellas, that's who:

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    lmao - funny how I went into the 3rd hoop, never practice it that way, never mp it that way. I must have been drunk.
    Note: Not sure this is the right correct discussion for this technical question, but I would like to know how to take a previous post from a different person and re-post it into the A 'GOOD' WIN thread. Any help is much appreciated! one more thing, it might not be possible, but I would like to rename that thread to A WELL DESERVED, VERY SKILLFUL WIN. Again, thanks in advance.
  • That looks like the normal way people go into that loop (remember, you're the red bike on that screen).
  • where is the embarrassed emoticon when you need one -
  • Really mellas?
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