New World Cup Bikes

Comment what you think of the new World Cup bikes and which ones you have.


  • This update has not reached Android yet.
  • I have Japan, Spain, France, Netherlands, and Germany. All of these are simply standard bikes. There are four additional bikes, each of which has a different speed (all faster than standard). All of the fast bikes are breakable but none of them are acrobatic.
  • I'm surprised some of the bikes are faster. Up to this point every bike is the same speed (super and ultra being obvious exceptions) and I think that's a good decision from the developers.
  • Ya. I was surprised too. Anyway, I've got Japan, Spain, and France. How is Netherlands Justin. Anything remarkable?
  • Finally got Germany!
  • On iOS, I've only unlocked Japan, Spain, and Germany. I even spent $5 to unlock something else, but it gave me random parts of different bikes. Money wasted.

    On Android, it looks like someone has already created a modified APK with all the bikes unlocked. I believe you could find info on GodOfBikeRace's YouTube page.
  • Finally got this update on Android.
  • Is there any skill to the coin game? Or is it simply win a bunch in MP, then sell back your Japan Bike part for a coin?
  • I think just what you said...lots of Spain and Japan parts.
    Does anyone else find the bikes and power combos a bit odd for representing World Cup? US bike as the most powerful? Spain a regular bike? LOL
  • I've woke up to a lot of Spanish helmet today
  • Lucky bastard.
  • Am i the only one who thinks all this crap ruins the multi player process?
  • I don't mind the addition of new bikes from time to time. In fact, I do kind of like this iteration that requires MP to get the unlocks rather than the "get 24 stars on this mix of good and screwy levels". And that there is more than 1 bike to unlock. It would be nice if some of the new bikes were acro and hog like.

    I absolutely don't like that some have different speeds. Last thing I want in MP is more "super" bikes.
  • New update on android tells you that you can only get bike parts on the common game 1-3 stars. No need to waste time with the coins anymore, just one gem spin a day n 3 on day 5.
  • Oh and you can buy a gem for 360 coins
  • Really? I hope ios gets that update too... Ive over 4000 coins:)
  • Yeah, I noticed the star thing yesterday (Android). I still have one 3 star part to get.
    I threw 200 spins at the thing the other day and came up blank. So boring hitting that button 200 times.
  • If you click "Spin" and then click the "Common BM" tab it will complete the spin immediately and make the whole process much quicker. I also noticed that if you hit "Spin" and then hit "Stop" JUST before the spin ends (right before it displays the part you won) it will register two spins and you will get two parts in a row (this method still uses 6 coins as this counts as 2 spins, again it just speeds up the process). The first method works faster for me. I have iOS btw, I can not confirm these tricks will work on Android.
  • Just got Netherlands helmet 4 spins in a row on RM, think I'm gonna give up...
  • Just a tip how i got nearly all bikes without any hacks (i need one more part for usa bike): look up on the internet every half hour in wich country its 00:00 o'clock, then change in the settings on your device the time zone to that country. With that method you can get every our 1-2 times gems (there is i nearly every 30 minutes another time zone in wich you can change). :)
  • Wow great tip. Thanks!
  • I think the timing depends on where you are. My gem/clock in the game resets at 5pm for me.

    Anyway, I tried changing my settings and it never changed the clock in the game (Android). It always said "23d 5h..." remaining. I tried clearing the game from memory and that didn't help.
  • Well it worked for me. If you want, I can try to explain it to you?
  • Yeah, that'd be great. I must have missed something.
  • It doesn't work for android. And why aren't u just changing the date in the settings Julius? Haha
  • It depends what device you have Lyle. What d you have?
  • Like I said, Android
    Galaxy S3.
  • Well I don't have that so...
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