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Thought I'd start a thread to put anything that's not bike race related.

Anyone play any other games as much as bike race? I've just got into Deer Hunter 2014 and don't tap the white tile.

I'm a big F1 fan, recent Canada GP was epic, gutted for Hamilton. I spotted this which livened up the practice session

Also a big GoT fan, 1 episode left nooooo! Please no spoilers!


  • better than any of my videos.
  • I've played more COD in the last 5 years than should be legal.

    Fellow GoT fan. S4E09 was intense. Nothing shocking really, but nearly an entire episode length battle.
  • In hoping for a Snow/Bran team up to kick mances ass ;)
  • GoT is the best show on television. I think s04e09 was the first time they had an entire episode dedicated to just one story line, really cool to watch. Oberyn made this season amazing. Lyle I play a bunch of CoD too, and Titanfall recently. I never got ghosts though, was it worth it? matb, whats your record in classic pro piano tiles? I have 7.618 and can't seem to beat it. I'm also into Street Fighter IV, although I've been playing it less lately there is a new update out so I might have to take it up again.
  • I never got ghosts though, was it worth it?
    The thing with Ghosts is they did a really good job with balancing game play and killstreaks. Most of your deaths come from gun on gun fights. So if you're up against a team you won't be spawn trapped by Chopper Gunners and AC-130's. They even got rid of lock-on launchers, so if a helicopter is in the air you have to take it out COD4 style. There is a Cold Blooded/Assassin/Ghost perk, but it's nowhere near as powerful as in the past. I don't have a single class with it on.

    The hit detection is solid, as you would expect from Infinity Ward (Treyarch games on the other hand really suffer in net code and hit detection in my opinion).

    They completely re-did the prestige and unlock system as well, I've heard mixed feelings on it. I was neutral.

    But the maps...oh my, the terrible maps. There are some decent ones but there are a lot of bad ones too.

    It is unfortunate because the mechanics are solid, it just doesn't have the appeal that it used to.

    As much as it pains me I would say you aren't missing anything and it's probably not worth picking up.

  • I've heard that about the maps, I was pretty late to the party with Black Ops 2 so when Ghosts came out I didn't have much of an urge to get it. BO2 was mostly gun on gun kills as well but WAYY too much quick scoping, it became really annoying really quickly. Advanced Warfare looks like it can be good, if they do it right. It almost looks as if they're trying to be more like Titanfall, which if you haven't played is definitely worth checking out. Also Halo. I haven't played much of Halo 4 but the Master Chief collection looks awesome. Halo 2 will be playable online again with the same mechanics that it used to have... I might have to buy an Xbox One now. One more: smash bros. They announced Pac-Man as a character, those games never disappoint.
  • Only 7.915, I know I can do better tho. I think 90 on the zen 15" probably my best record. Yeah the oberyn moment was classic thrones :) No CoD for me, but do you remember Goldeneye on the N64? Man that was an awesome game!
  • Goldeneye was my favorite shooter as a kid. You had to play as Oddjob though just to piss everyone off
  • Ive been playing counter-strike since 1.5 - 1.6 and went from 1.6 to Global offensive. also I've spent 1000 of hours at hon/dota 2
  • Oh wow, I played a lot of Halo and H2, I started H3 but when COD4 came out I was converted. I wonder if the various button glitches will be in the new version. Even though they weren't intended I believe they added an enormous skill element to the game.
  • and for Iphone games, Ive played lots of Fruit ninja with scores of 1200~ arcade mode, before all the power ups. etc.

    Also I got some pretty insane Super Hexagon records (atleast amoung my irl friends)
  • Proximity mines...
  • Lyle that BR (Battle Rifle not Bike Race) glitch which allowed you to shoot 6 straight bullets and reload in H2 was amazing (trigger trigger reload trigger if i remember correctly), as was sword sniping and super jumping. I hope they include those and from what I've read they are.
  • Yeah, double shotting is what they called it. I didn't care for super jumping, it was too exploitable
  • The referees are on fire this World Cup...
  • You just had to didn't you....
  • hahaha I got 92 right after I posted this. I had never really played Zen, very fun game type!
  • So frustrating! Screenshot_2014-06-13-18-17-46
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    What method are you using? I use two pointer fingers with the phone on the table
  • Just thumb like texting holding phone, I'll have a go your way
  • Two fingers is frying my brain, getting closerScreenshot_2014-06-13-18-43-43
  • What about relay mode?
    8" - 93
    10" - 330
    12" - 937
    Classic 25 tiles - 3.716

    Hopefully a challenge for you there somewhere... Probably not
  • Thumb hurts nowScreenshot_2014-06-13-19-16-51
  • Zen 30"
  • That's a great classic 25" time. I'll get back to you on those relays. In the meantime image
  • Aaargh
  • You guys ever heard of resizing an image?
  • might be best if they just write their best time or score or whatever it is in text on the honor system. ;)
  • Haha, I give up anyway!
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