5k+ wins, 3 stars on all tracks.


I've gotten pretty good and have 5k wins. There don't seem to be enough good riders out there. Playing randoms has gotten boring.


  • What bike? :)
  • You've come to the right place to alleviate boring races.

    Let's just hope you race acro, normal, or hog.
  • I've been racing him via random game before he joined the forums. He uses acro.
  • Your delusions of grandeur will come to an end soon enough. Many of these players achieved 5k mp and all stars before exiting the womb. Don't get discouraged. This forum has special groups for just such situations.
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    This forum has special groups for just such situations.
    One of us! One of us!
  • Yeah Lyle, my thoughts exactly. But I might change my advice to 'Blackie', he/she might just consider getting out during the 'happy' stage. The happy stage usually occurs at about 6 months. Your level has rapidly increased and now you're beating 90% of randoms while watching tv and eating a bowl of Cheerios. You chuckle at their inability to take or even seem to know about the simplest of short cuts. You rarely swear at your BR device because it's responsive and does what you want it to. Then, but then, you get the idea to seek out forums because you have some stupid trivial question about this or that. A few days later some innocent looking guy like Anders says 'what bike?'...
  • How about me. Can't wait to hear this.
  • I remember the happy days...and the 100,000 "You Lose!" notifications to come since then haha.
  • Yes, I race Acro. I wast trying to race 'normal' bikes for a while (thinking they were the most respectable multiplayer bikes) but I've decided I prefer not having to tilt my phone 90º in order to do a flip. I appear to be in that 'happy' stage. I'm good enough to beat 90% of people, but when I'm racing you people with 20,000 wins, I feel pretty lame.

    I keep improving and finding new things, so if I'm not much fun to play against now, maybe I'll be more of a challenge in a couple months. Thanks for the replies :D
  • As many people have said before, 'wins' mean nothing; talent is everything. some of the best players have very few wins (for various reasons).
  • I have 4500 wins, all levels with 3 stars (but on level 8 of easter pack i have only 2)
    Almost all bikes (don't have : Ultra,Super,Kids,Golden,High tech)
    My high tech bike is bugged, i have completed all challenges to get it but i don't get the bike
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    10~15k wins
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