How to mix/merge bikes

I call it the hybrid bike.

I am not the maker of the video so all credit goes to ohGelato
all subscribe to him and give him a big thanks for making this video. It is very well done and is done almost the same for PC

note: this will not work with ultra bike, zombie bike, army bike, or any holiday bikes as they are coded differently

note: make sure your Bike Race Pro/TFG is not running in multitasking and is not open.

Written tutorial:
Get iExplorer or any similar program and open the apps and go to Bike Race then go to documents. Then scroll down to the bottom to the nometres.plist
Make a folder on your desktop and name it 'Bike Race hack bike' or any other name you prefer.
Drag the nometres.plist from the Documents over inside the folder that you created.
Open the nometres.plist with any text editor program, notepad works... near the end of the file there should be a lot of and the is everything that was left on so if you changed all the to it would mix all bikes in the file
to do so press ctrl+f (cmd+f for mac) and search then replace all with and apply to all.
Once this is complete press ctrl+s (cmd+s for mac) to save.
close the plist and drag it back into the documents folder.
It will prompt you to replace, click replace and start the Bike Race app.
That should be all and enjoy your hack bike :)

P.S. mixing all bikes results in a ninja bike, fast as super, agile as acrobatic, long as hog, and FLIES like kids,
imagine a super bike that could fly...
P.S.S. if you leave santa bike on before you create this epic bike... it will result with the same hack bike... that can go backwards ;)


  • Please note that records submitted to with mixed bikes are considered cheating. Do not upload your ghost files to the website. If you do on accident, please email

    There are a few people who have been banned from the site because they kept uploading cheated records :)
  • Yes i am very aware of the punishment if uploading a cheated record… so theres the warning to all: don't upload it… it is mainly for single player usage :)
  • edited February 2014
    Great to hear that records submitted using hybrid bikes are a big no no. Anyone that submits a "Record" whilst cheating is only fooling themselves. I'm certainly not accusing anyone of cheating,

    Take a look at this Screen Shot, Super Bike Record, Savana 2 Level 2. image

    I'm amazed at how Marshall using the Super Bike appears to have the advantages of the Ghost or Ultra Bike.

    Watch the Video its amazing


  • Yeah, sorry. I was playing around with switching between bikes while paused. It accidentally got uploaded, feel free to delete it.
  • I'm puzzled, why would anyone pause a Single Player Game to switch bikes?
  • This is so cool. I'll have to try it sometime :0).
  • Can I make the ghost bike go backwards like the Santa Claus bike does?
  • I'm trying the hack bike out. What do I type in the search and replace boxes? I won't upload my hack bike. Just want to try it for fun :0).
  • bikeracinggirl73, there are some tutorials on YouTube (like this one). The trick will be to figure out which bike is which number within the file. Best of luck, and NO UPLOADING TO BRR!

    Anyone who accidentally uploads mixed bike records to BRR, please email me:
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    It's difficult to really know which is which bike. I know for sure the second from the bottom is the hog and there are 3 <false/'s (if you have the bikes off) between some <integer's and i know the bottom is kids mode and the top is super. The middle seems to do nothing (I thought it would enable ultra). But some bikes aren't "enabled" with that file. These bikes cant be enabled:
    - Ultra
    - Zombie
    - Army
    - Santa
    - Thanksgiving
    - Halloween
    Also note you could enable zombie bike before the actual update with it and the name for the texture file (last i checked) was "Zumbi.png"
  • Okay, thanks. I will try this and I promise I will not upload to BRR. I just wanted to try the mix and match bikes for fun.
  • Ninja and ultra bike
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