Bike race pro guest account after hacking ultra bike

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Hello bike racers.

yesterday, I rly wanted to have the ultra bike. So i found a file, which only worked on bike race pro app. So i downloaded the pro app, and it all worked pretty well.

Now my intention is, to play at my guest account on pro app, with ultra bike. and keep playing with my usually facebook login on bike race free.

But. on my "new" guest account, it seems like its gettng used by more than just me, i startede to delete ALL players, who was already there, after like an hour, i got like 30 new players, who has already been played against.

its rly annoying, i get spammed like hell with new players, who comes out of no where, with suddently a score on for an example 12-24.

Can any1 help me out here? something about creating a new guest account, which is UNIQUE for me?


  • any1 :D?
  • Is this iOS? It sounds like you got a copy of someone else's multiplayer data instead of just the ultra bike part.

    If it was iOS, can you tell me exactly which files you copied?
  • If you copied one or both of these files, it might explain what happened. If so, you could try making a backup copy of them and then delete them from the app directory. If the app stops working, but them back.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 4.03.27 PM
  • They're called excatly that, so i tried to remove, app still working, now i just w8 and see if i still get spammed with unknown br account :) TY :)
  • It didnt work, but fuck it, i just deleted the bike race pro app, I only use acrobatic anyway
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