Lost progress in tourney play?

I just sat down tonight and have been returned to the beginning. Pretty ticked because this AM I finally got two "Kickass" fronts which gave me two full kickass bikes. I was finally going to evolve to acro hog!

Any chance it's a server issue or am I stuck starting over?


  • Oh wow. I am sorry to hear that- must be hard. I do not really know what to tell you but maybe some other guys will be able to explain that. Just wait for their responses
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    it happened with me too . I lost two acro and two walkers and other 2 star bikes . it happened few days back . :-(
  • Mine is reset too... Maybe they did some changes to get rid of the hackers that were cheating. That sucks they reset it, but there were a lot of people moving to the top that couldn't race for shit and finishing first in .23 seconds before everyone rolls off the start line.
  • Now this is starting to scare me...
  • I've contacted their tech support and they are leading me to believe they will be able to restore my status at some point. If your pretty far along I'd look into backing up your device or at a minimum logging the bikes you've earned. I'll add comments as I progress with their techs.

    I certainly appreciate any efforts to curb the 0.23 seconds club, but looking at my tourney logs I don't think I would ever be confused with them. My riding of the Ghost/Wraith bike is simply embarrassing!
  • How do they track what bikes you had? And what about restoring your XP points and level? Thanks for posting your progress Soren, keep us updated on your progress... Get that figured out soon so I can get back to kickin your ass in multiplayer!!! I'm changing out the spark plug and boring out the pistons on my Acro so bring your A-game.
  • Good news. After exchanging only two emails with their tech support they restored my standing. The email I used was the support email listed on the topfreegames web site. I gave them a pretty accurate inventory of my bikes, parts, level, and slots. What they restored wasn't exactly what I reported, but I'm guessing they had it correct since I was working from memory. I'm not sure if they are trying to clear out cheaters and the people on this board are winning to frequently or if it was simply bad luck.

    I did ask if I could figure out a back up procedure so I wouldn't have to contact them again, but I don't think it works that way. Busy week for me but I'll be coming back at you in multi soon Frank!
  • Overall I'm very impressed with their tech support. Even though I've spent less than $5 with them, they responded in less than 24 hours to my emails and solved my problem in less than 72 hours start to finish.
  • That's great news!
  • I just sent tech support an email, hopefully I can get it fixed. I really don't want to start over. Honestly if they can't fix it, I may not get into the tourneys anymore because it may just get reset again. Your probably right Soren. I think we're being discriminated against for coming in first most of the time we join the tourneys.
  • Also glad to hear their tech support is on the ball and working out the kinks.
  • Ok, mabye it's just Android?
  • Cause, I have iOS and it didn't reset...
  • I have iOS... I sent TFG an email and have yet to hear back from them.
  • I have no idea why they reset it. I'm not gonna start over.
  • Oh, ok iPhone?
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