Tournament Hacks

Some of the tourneys I've played in, I felt like I should have placed 1st... Except there's hackers finishing tracks in .27 or .28 seconds.. Barely enough time for me to start rolling off the start line!!! Their ghosts just shoot off into random directions not even following the track so I can tell they probably lack the skills to even compete in the tourneys. WTF??? Anybody else dealing with this?


  • I guess whoever is the best hacker wins the race instead of based on skill. Hopefully they get kicked out. This is BS... Just saw a guy finish with a time of .17.. Just randomly shoots off into thin air. What's the point in racing?
  • I've seen this so many times before, and one specifically where the bikes can fly anywhere they want, so Ya, I do think it is unfair
  • I've also seem but now it seems like it's been happening more often. It's very unfair knowing the best you can get is second or sometimes even third
  • Yea hopefully they can be singled out and eliminated by whoever runs the website. Bikes taken away, or just reset their account. At least make some attempt to stop it from progressing and getting worse. Recently I just saw 2-3 tourney ghost bikes flicker down about 1/8" at the start line and they completed all the races in .15 or .23 seconds... 4th place became the new 1st place for non hackers.
  • TFG does remove cheaters that they find. First time, banned from tournaments for a day, second time a week, third time forever.
  • Good to know Craig, Thanks!!! Hopefully they pull em out quick because it's getting worse day by day.
  • They should be able to look at the finish times to pin em down pretty quick.
  • I mostly see it in HedgeHog Tourneys, mabye people just suck like **** and can't use Hog.
  • Well since my last post they have reset my tourneys along with a bunch of others here... We're so good we look like hackers apparently!!!! I'm trying to contact tfg to get my bikes back now. How did you get your bikes back 007? Email tfg?
  • Nah, never lost em'
  • Oh yeah and what's your Tourney name Frank? Mine is Drake
  • Ok, I might see ya somwhere not at the moment though.
  • Seems like the two star tourneys have been pretty good with reduced cheating.
  • No cheating in 1* at all
  • image

    The fastest cheater time I've ever seen
  • It's back already... I'm Still trying to get my damn tournaments restored. Been 2 weeks or more now
  • BR finally restored my tourneys!!! I haven't seen any hackers yet which is great!!! Play fair people!!!
  • Nice Frank
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