no CHAT box

I am using a samsung galaxy s4. There is no chat box or option to turn it ON that I can find. I recently setup an ipad with BR and the chat box was there automatically.


  • There's a chat box in some versions of Bike Race?

  • Yeah, for iOS there is a chat box, not for android tho :/ Therefor they have only one decimal in singleplayer hehe
  • I'm on android, a chat box would be great. Definately be telling a few people "stop using the f***ing ghost bike"!
  • Ha...agree mat.
    So what happens if you try to message someone using Android? Does it just look like they are ignoring you?
  • Lyle - yeah, it appears to the iOS folks they are being ignored. As good as BR is, it is surprising this hasn't been worked out.
  • This has baffled me ever since the game came out on Android. I've looked through the sqlite databases the game uses on Android and it has fields for the conversation as part of the multiplayer race. I really wonder why they never finished the implementation.

    Sometimes I really question TFG. I guess they're making millions(?), even with some of their bone-head deficiencies.
  • good to see someone who agrees with me. I am just assuming they are a iOS lovin' company.
  • edited March 2014
    TFG definitely got their start on iOS with Racing Penguin Flying Free. They probably have more iOS developers than Android. Seems to be true with most app developers though :-/.

    In fact, Bike Race was the reason I got an iPhone 4 back when I started. Bike Race wasn't even available on Android back then.
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