Delete all ghosts

First off, I am on android and I'm rooted. I just want to know if I can go into data/data/com.topfreegames.bikerace*/files and just delete the ghost files to start over. I basically want to use the bike race records app to make backups of records with just the acrobat bike, then a separate one for ghost bike, and another backup for ultra. But the bike race records app doesn't let me selectively delete ghosts , only the whole set of them ..thanks


  • Never mind I figured it out. All the files numbers correspond to an area and a level. They start with 0, so desert 1 level 1 is bikeracespbr0_0.DAT I think. The only part that's important are the two 0's. Arctic 1 level 7 would be 2_6.
  • Good job. You've got it figured out. Computers usually start counting at 0. Weird though, because the iOS ghost files don't start at 0, they start at 1.

    You should download the BRR app. It can do that for you.
  • I do have the records app, but I had some ghost records with the acro bike and some with the ghost bike. So I deleted all of them and then only restored the acro ones so I didn't have to make the record again. Now I have a full backup of my ghost bike, acro bike and ultra bike times.
  • Sweet! So glad to hear it. I love hearing that people are enjoying the app. Pol put in a lot of work on it!
  • I really enjoy it and use it a lot. Thanks. The only thing that I can think of that might make it better is the ability to backup the ghosts selectively the same way that you are able to restore them.
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