Ghost playback

Hello. Is there a way to playback a ghost record without racing against it? An app for this purpose would be great. It's not optimal to study the fastest times by racing them, particularly when they disappear offscreen within seconds!


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    Yeah that would be pretty awesome. Sometimes its hard enough to keep up with the world records much less race and watch how they are doing it. I saw a YouTube video where some kid was on iOS and he would press the track preview button and the ghost would do the whole track while in preview mode.. I just thought it was some button mashing glitch he found. I'll try to find the video again.
  • Supposedly you can do the zoomed out mode in Android too, not just iOS. I know Pol can do it on his GS3, but I've never managed it on a Nexus 7 or GS2. Seeing as I've never done it on Android, I can't explain how to do it.

    On iOS, you press+hold the magnifying glass, tap elsewhere on the screen (gas or break, either work), then let go of the magnifying glass. Need to do it within 1 or 2 seconds I think.

    Technically, the record files are a list of coordinates, so it's completely possible to animate them somehow. The Android skip detection algorithm actually follows the path of the bike and looks at the acceleration between coordinates. If there's a spike in acceleration, that's a sign the record might be glitchy.

    I've also been able to graph the bike position by taking the x,y coordinates and putting them into Excel. Excel didn't make the x or y coordinates proportional, so it wasn't easy to overlay the Excel graph over the level it belonged to.

    The very best way I've been able to record the race is to insert the best time record into my multiplayer database and then sync it to another player (yes, this could be very abused!). When I raced against that ghost, I recorded it. The problem is that you can only do this for levels in multiplayer and it is really annoying to get setup.

    So in short, no, there's no simple way to do it, but there are a few complicated ways!
  • I wrote this all that time ago and kinda forgot about it, remembered just now. Thanks for the answers. You reminded me of something at the end of your post there... "The problem is that you can only do this for levels in multiplayer"... I've been wondering this for a while. Why so few levels in multiplayer? I don't see why they don't just give us every level...
  • There are a few fun levels that are not included in MP, but many of them are jacked up. I'm glad they are not in there.
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