BR freezing up

When I am in China, BR will occasionally freeze up when I select a person to play. It plays ok for awhile, but once it freezes, it keeps freezing up for 1 or 2 days. I suspect it might have something to do with the national firewall because when I connect via a VPN after it freezes up, the problem disappears. Any ideas how to fix it without using a VPN? The problem doesn't happen in the U.S.


  • If it really is the national firewall, there isn't a way to fix it without some sort of VPN functionality. Perhaps a proxy would work better than VPN for you? Best of luck to you.
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    You might be able to run it through TOR with Orbot, a free open source app in the android play store( not sure about an iOS equivalent, I don't mess with apple products). They offer an http proxy and a socks proxy that connects to the TOR network. I know for sure you have to be rooted and it takes a little setting up for the socks proxy. But for the http transparent proxy.. You *might* not have to be rooted, and it works with little to no setup. The TOR network is a way people use to get around firewalls or national website blocks so that they can access content or , if need be, hide their identity. or look up orbot in the play store for more info.. Just be aware that the tor network is pretty slow most of the time and it will take longer for your races to load.
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