Favorite & Least Favorite MP Levels

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When it comes to multiplayer which are your favorite and least favorite levels and why?
Feel free to use and link to images in these albums I created. The levels are in order (1-8) in each album.

My favorites would probably be:

These maps have a good mix of speed and jumping/timing without a lot of frustrating shortcuts. Also, it helps that I am at least competent on them to be a little competitive.

The levels I really don't like were easier to pick as they stand out:
     Arctic2-8 - I probably fail the most on this one
     Hills1-8 - just hate this one, it's tedious and I never get close to good racers
     Arctic1-5 - those damn steps

     Savanna1-4 - this one is just boring
     Desert1-6 - stupid spiral


  • Does anyone else find Dunes lv4 the most over used level in multiplayer?

    It's such a boring level too.
  • Like all these.
    savanna 1-3
    dunes 1-6
    desert 2-3
    beach 1-8

    dunes 1-3 I always mess up the upper part
    desert 1-6 the spiral is just annoying

    Other savanna 1-8 just luck on the flick
  • mat I seem to get Dunes 8 more often that I should, and I don't particularly enjoy that level.
  • I don't mind that level, especially when you nail that first flick
  • Savanna1-4 why do you exist?
  • I like that level :)
  • Sav1-4 is the most surprising course to me of all of them. At first glance you would think everyone would be bunched together because there are no areas for the pros to jump over something. But it's the opposite. It seems to separate the men from the boys, but I don't know why.
  • I really wish they would update the app to include some levels past arctic2-8. At least hills2 and some of the holiday races.
  • I agree, cantdoitcap. I have some guesses about why they don't add more levels though.

    1. Back when they were still adding levels to multiplayer, people would run into issues where their opponents haven't upgraded yet.
    2. My other theory is that they thought all the new levels were too hard for most players to complete in 3 tries.

    Either way, I think they should solve the problem of multiplayer levels getting repetitive.
  • 3. They are lazy as f*ck :)
    My impression that is.
  • Lol Niklas. Tfg is too busy counting their money.
    I was thinking about it the other night: they could make an option where one can choose whether to play "easy levels" like it is now or "easy + hard levels", with all levels included.

    The thing is, us "hardcore BRRers" are just a fraction of all players, probably not even 1 pct. So why would they do an effort for only 1 pct...
  • I know exactly what you mean BR, I frequently lose on that level and I have no idea why....I tilt left, I tilt right, I only tilt to stay on course, I rush at the start, I start straight, none of it seems to matter. It's infuriating. But it's also boring.

    I wish they would update to add chat for Android.
  • I would like to see Dunes and Hills 2 in mp. Most of those aren't too difficult to complete
  • Another good addition would be to show when someone uses a retry in mp.
  • Lyle - my brother's theory for Sav1-4 is to 'feel the force' like in Star Wars. I think perhaps we should just practice it blind-folded.
  • Favorites:
    *Hills1-8 (My favorite. Its fun level)
    *Desert1-6 (Fun only against ghost bikes (shortcut)
    *Dunes 1-2 (Fun only against ghost bikes (shortcut)
    *Arctic 2-8 (Its fun only against good players cuz others ALLWAYS fail)
    *Arctic 2-6 (Fun only against ghost bikes (shortcut)
    *Desert 2-6 (against good ghosts is fun)
    *Hills1-4 (I love this level. Its alway fun and always very close against good players)
    *Dunes1-7(Very fun against very good players!)
    *Desert2-3 (Short but very very fun level. Details always make a decision)

    Least favorite:
    *Savanna1-2(Never fun, ghost bike always win)
    *Savanna1-4(THE MOST BORING LEVEL in bikerace)
    *Savanna1-5(I just hate this level)
    *Savanna1-6(Too short, only for good players)
    *Savanna1-7(Short and nothing specal)
    *Savanna1-8(too short, only good against good players)
    *Dunes1-3(The worst level. All bad players can win against you.)
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