Multiplayer not updating

I'm running into an issue where multiplayer games are not updating. I get notifications that a new game has been sent to me, that I've been poked, etc. but when I open BR there are no new games. I can poke people (even those who poked me) and it sends the poke (I checked this against my phone). If I delete a race it goes away but the game count remains the same until I completely restart the game.

This is on an older android tablet using Bike Race Pro unlocked version. This is where I have the Super Bike for people who need to beat one. I commented on a youtube video where someone was needing beat a super bike which led to a ton of new games. It was working just the other day then suddenly stopped. Any ideas?


  • are you still having problems? I had all sorts of trouble updating last night, but seems ok now. It's just a sign that you should be practicing in SP mode.
  • Yeah, been having trouble for a few days
  • Been playing around with it a bit more. I logged into a facebook account and sent my real account a game. Then logged out and back to guest account, no change. Back to FB account and now the game I sent to myself was gone.
    My phone showed a notification with the new race. But it wasn't in my list of races.

    I tried deleting more games from the guest account, now, even after restart the match count (e.g., updating 4 of 19) doesn't match the actual count of shown matches.
  • dang, it's pretty complicated. I know BR updated twice in the past week so maybe they know about a problem and are trying to fix it. Have you updated? I have had enough problems to where I backup via Helium BR game w/ data every couple of months so I can always go back to something that works. (as it turned out my problems had something to do with firewalls) If you don't have a backup, I would still make one. Then you can uninstall and re-install (not from your backup) - if it gets worse, you can always uninstall and restore your backup copy to get back to where you are now. I know this isn't very helpful, but nobody else seems to have any advice.
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