Beach 1 Level 5 Shortcut

I have never made the shortcut (jumping over the half circle). I get close, smashing into it, but not quite over it.

To refresh your memory Beach1-5 is this one.

I've watched others make the jump and I can't determine what they are doing, other than getting more speed than me (especially noticeable entering the last loop where they tend to be higher in there with wheel on the track earlier). Is there a subtle lean or flick you have to do early on that I am missing?


  • You have to really lean into the first 3 curves then flick up off the jump to get as much height as you can. Like most levels once you do it once it's like ' how did I struggle doing that?!'
  • Coming out of the second you don't want to lean back, it will get you on the last loop sooner. It is possible to do the shortcut just dropping down into the second loop. There is a few people I have seen do it. I can come close.
  • 1. As soon as your back wheel is over the gap which leads in the first loop, lean your device back almost 90°, u'll gain a lot speed through this obv :)
    2. Just before the loop gets vertical again, after 260° or so, move your device back to normal and drop vertically down into the second loop
    3. When ur in the 2nd loop lean back again (not that much as in the first loop tho if u wanna do it perfect)
    4. After 3/4 of the loop, slowly lean your device to the right, so that your front wheel sticks to the ceilin when u get out of the loop; this might be the most important part of it if u want an insane time ;)
    5. In the last loop u lean back again
    6. The jump is the hardest thing ofc, u'll succeed if u approach it wheely, the inclination of the bike (or whatever the correct word is :p) should match the inclination of the ramp, when ur on the ramp u flick back quickly to jump as high as poss.

    I hope that was halfway understable haha, no idea why i wrote that much, i must be really bored :)
    My best time with this way is 8.23 btw, so i know what i'm talking about :D My time with dropping right in the 2nd loop is 8.21 but that way is a real pain in the ass and def only for experts ;p
  • That helps, good detail for each part.
    It's helped, I've gotten closer, although at the same time I'm worse. Just have to work on the timing.

  • My simple advice on this one: stick to the lines as close as possible and "follow" your bike with your device. Do the jump as descirbed by Niklas. Once you made it, you'll succeed almost always.
  • I still haven't nailed this, but I've been close. Although honestly the only time I even try is when it comes up in MP so I get no practice. I did, however, manage to pull off the shortcut on Dunes 1-7 where you launch over the top left quarter circle.
  • I still don't make it all the time but most of the time I do now. Actually nicks description helped me become more consistent. Here is my take on it..... I just lean back like hell in the first loop, then lean forward a little to clear my back tire on that lip that sticks out going into the second loop. I lean back like hell again in the second and third loop. Going into the ramp/jump I lean back so that the angle of my bike is equal to the angle of the ramp. Once I hit the ramp I pull back hard and keep pulling back until my bike leaves the ramp. I feel like you have to follow through with pulling back until you completely clear the ramp. Then I usually lean all the way forward in the air and my front tire hits the top of the big loop I'm trying to clear. Although I noticed most people hit their back tire at the top.

    Hope that makes sense or helps anyone.
  • I finally pulled this off. I think part of my problem was not rotating well out of the ramp. Many times I felt like I was high enough but I would clip my back tire. Still not consistent with this though.
  • Still having the same problem Lyle was having; my front tire has made it over many times, but the damn bike stays behind.
  • We should start a club.
  • When I was first learning this it took me ages like a solid hour of practicing to pull it off first time. Now it's rare that I don't pull it off within the 3 attempts.

    This is how I do it *spoilers* (haha)

    Pull back around each 3 loop, separately. Initially why I could never make it was because I didn't pull back around the 3rd loop because of bouncing once I got to the flatland. But the key is to pull back around that 3rd loop, but then enter the flatland with care, just remember to level out moments before you reach the flat land.

    As for the ramp itself, its a full on timing thing for me. No wheely or lining up with the ramp. I just got a feeling for the timing and I just smash back as hard as I can onto the ramp, approaching the ramp with both wheels flat on the ground. This way it's technically easier than trying to approach with a wheely and I clear it by loads with both wheels fully clearing the top more often than not. With this method I tend to get around 8.80 - 8.50 sec. Forget wheelys. Don't worry about anything with this ramp other than SMASHING back lol.

    The hard part I find is just a matter of getting onto the flat land smoothly after pulling back through the 3rd. The smashing on the ramp itself is not hard I think the timing is pretty easy and forgiving.

    Overall yeah it's basically a surprise if I fail this one. Dunes 1-7 is way harder.
  • out of the blue, with no clear game plan but the advice from Lyle, matb, j2000, NicklasB's book, cantdoitcap, and finally StephenT swirling in mellas' head (or was that the 2 strong margs and a large beer) - he (finally) flew over the Beach1-5 'spear of death'. Did it in-style - MP 1st attempt. Very exhilarating and what a relief.
  • this is interesting. I have made this short cut 3 out of 3 tries today, before today was zero out of hundreds of attempts. 2 times on MP and once in SP to lower my record. Did I really improve that much overnight? Or did the BR update I installed around noon today address some problem with the Android code? The only listed change for this update was about Easter bike, but I have had that update for weeks now. Using a GalaxyS4.
  • High 5!
  • thanks Lyle - High5! The club we started was kinda short lived and short sighted. we need to give the next club a little more thought.
  • Blood in, blood out. You can't just leave the club man.
  • "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in." - GFIII, Michael Corleone:1990.
  • You made the shortcut in MP against me, while I failed. I thought we were brothers man.
  • took about an hour for the grin to come off my face. 'Blood in, blood out' - we've spilled enough blood everywhere to go in and out at will. Today I was out (completed it twice in MP), tomorrow, surely I will be in the club again.
  • In my long moderately successful BR career I have had many ups and downs. but this Beach1-5 win is right at the top. Two brothers of the club fighting it out.Screenshot_2014-06-03-20-08-35
  • I'm in. I think I've made it in MP twice, but I'm hoping for more.
  • two brothers of the club fighting it out
  • I have about a 25% strike rate with this shortcut. But I did do this to a legend...

  • very nice matb! On the same day, I also got a win against a pro on B1-5. Beat Julius (JuFi) with an 8.4+
  • Vid does not exist wow.
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