Easter Bike Loss

I had all but 1 Easter egg from the hunt, but got 3 free ones, and 3 stared all the levels a few days ago. Easter bike unlocked, but now it says the bike is no longer available, I got is fairly, and other than the gold bike is the only one I don't have now, I would like it back, any help?


  • To my knowledge, nobody has been able to figure out how to unlock the temporary bikes after the time-period ends. Seems really weird that you actually HAD the bike and then it disappeared.
  • Don't sweat it PrnceT - it's pretty much just a ninja with bunny ears. if your racing acro, you'd hate it. what's your code?
  • Good news, TopFreeGames found the bug and is fixing it with an update. It is fixed in iOS BR Pro today. Not sure when the update will be out for other platforms.
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