Too many multiplayer games

At the moment I have 388 multiplayer games, but I am leaning towards deleting a lot of them. Any suggestions on what to do and how many games I should end up with? Thank you.


  • Completely up to you. It's easy for me to decide who to delete: If they're using anything besides Normal, Acro, or Hog, I delete them!
  • I'd keep it at 200 or less. Go to the bottom of your list and start deleting players without names and that are not active.
  • I only keep people that I met here, on Bike Race Secrets, Bike Race Levels, etc, that way I know I'm only dealing with professionals. Like Craig said delete people that don't use your preferred bike, I race only acro players and some hog players. I keep my games at about 100 and usually delete people that I'm beating by a lot, 10/1 ratio is usually my cut off (be careful Da_BEAST :p)
  • Delete people you don't enjoy racing.
    I delete ultra bikers immediately, I'll play ghost racers but if they are good I often don't play them much, it's just not fun and there isn't much I can learn from them (you may have noticed I don't send you races often, it's because of the ghost bike).

  • Thank you all for your suggestions, I will delete people as said from you all. Thank you all!
  • Lyle, if you want I will use the acrobatic bike against you...
  • It's entirely up to you, you're pretty good with ghost so many of the races don't even have a chance to be competitive, which means I'm not overly eager to race.

    I don't mind losing, many of the people from here beat me on a regular basis, but they beat me with crashable bikes.
  • If I use a different bike will you race me more?
  • For sure.
  • while your on the acro, race me.
  • its just time management really. updating will take longer with more people. you may be racing people that youll get no further knowledge or skill out of beating, so why waste time on them, but consider keeping those who you like and know like justin said.
  • you may be racing people that youll get no further knowledge or skill out of beating, so why waste time on them
    ....waits for Garret to delete their race....
  • i delete everyone who don't enter one time earch 2 days
    i like to race with persons who are better than me
    these peoples seeing that persons i can know how to be better
    oh, and all ultra bikes i delete, i hate unfair races
  • I know this is an old thread, but I've came up with an easy way to determine who to keep and who not to keep.
    Savanna level 3- If they hit the gas at the beginning they're gone. Haha
    That tells me they are brand new and will have a shutout record against them. No Fun.
  • I like my list to be around 200. Game responds well and i usually get 30-40 races when I sit down to play. I don't delete people I'm beating simply because so many of you gave me the courtesy of not deleting me.
  • I can't find 200 decent people to race... I've kept everyone from this site though I hope. Feel free to add me anytime!!! @Soren, you were killing me in the beginning... I think I'm gaining ground on you finally!!! <- (or at least holding my ground)
  • headsup is an Acro racer DaBeast.. He's pretty good too. Thx for switching to Acro lately DaBeast.
  • No problem. How do you think I am with it?
  • The few times you've used Acro against me I remembered you were really good.. You only play me once every couple days sometimes and usually with ghost bike though. I'd have to play you some more to say for sure. I've been practicing a lot everyday so I may be tougher competition for you now.
  • I'm 12-10 against a Superbike.... And I think 2-3 against an UltraBike.. I just haven't deleted them yet because they're so horrible it's kind of funny. They must be still be new I assume. I normally delete the faster bikes right away. One of the guys I play uses one of the World Cup bikes that is slightly faster than normal bikes and I think we're 150-180 right now. Also, having the ghost bikes take the Arctic level 7 and Dunes level 3 shortcut is getting old really quick. We need more Acro racers!!!!!
  • I've been starting games with randoms lately because I play too much apparently. So I'm having to delete a couple here and there. Ive actually found a few randoms who are pretty good.
  • Can you tell me who all the Facebook people that you start with so I can race them. You know like what their names are and their links of you can get them. That would be greatly appreciated!
  • I deactivated my Facebook as a NewYears resolution... Sorry DaBeast. I will start sending Acro racers your way now that you've stopped using ghost bike... Up till now I was only suggesting ghost bikers to you. I'll get some Acro racer links your way soon. I'll send them to your inbox unless they are ok with me posting it in public... I don't think it matters but they might.
  • No I mean that oh can give me any racer that uses any bike... I can adjust accordingly
  • Did you already try that link that JustinR posted? There was a lot of links on that page from really good players. I'm playing about 12-15 of them now. I'm beating a few but most are really good.
  • Click the link, then click MULTIPLAYER, then a ton of links show up.
  • Where can I find this link?

    Also can you tell me which of those racers you are racing currently
    Here it is again DaBeast. JustinR posted this a while back. Click the link, then CLICK MULTIPLAYER!!! Try all the links if you'd like... I'm playing a bunch of them, and they are pretty good racers.
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