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  • race & time? just in case it doesn't work.
  • took about an hour for the grin to come off my face. 'Blood in, blood out' - we've spilled enough blood everywhere to go in and out at will. Today I was out (completed it twice in MP), tomorrow, surely I will be in the club again.
  • while your on the acro, race me.
  • Don't sweat it PrnceT - it's pretty much just a ninja with bunny ears. if your racing acro, you'd hate it. what's your code?
  • I'd keep it at 200 or less. Go to the bottom of your list and start deleting players without names and that are not active.
  • "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in." - GFIII, Michael Corleone:1990.
  • thanks Lyle - High5! The club we started was kinda short lived and short sighted. we need to give the next club a little more thought.
  • hilarious! what a unique win... very nice.
  • this is interesting. I have made this short cut 3 out of 3 tries today, before today was zero out of hundreds of attempts. 2 times on MP and once in SP to lower my record. Did I really improve that much overnight? Or did the BR update I installe…
  • out of the blue, with no clear game plan but the advice from Lyle, matb, j2000, NicklasB's book, cantdoitcap, and finally StephenT swirling in mellas' head (or was that the 2 strong margs and a large beer) - he (finally) flew over the Beach1-5 'spea…
  • dang, it's pretty complicated. I know BR updated twice in the past week so maybe they know about a problem and are trying to fix it. Have you updated? I have had enough problems to where I backup via Helium BR game w/ data every couple of months …
  • are you still having problems? I had all sorts of trouble updating last night, but seems ok now. It's just a sign that you should be practicing in SP mode.
  • Craig - need any more non-rooted backup files? I usually use Helium before switching phones. I have an S4 now.
  • well over 2k total with ->(Turbo)
  • I have had my personal bests in MP. It is frustrating not to 'keep' that record. I don't program computers for a living, but I am pretty confident it would not be a technological breakthrough for the MP race to replace your personal best.
  • Dear Doctor, If you insist on ghost, please don't take the shortcut on Dunes3. If you do, please explain how that is competitive or fun or anything but a waste of time. Sincerely, Mellas
  • I got the Santa with less than an hour left. Backwards gear seems to hurt more than help.
  • i agree matb. 27 is my record, but that means nothing and is completely controllable if you cherry pick your races for a couple of days or weeks. - Zan U. is a really good but he needs to switch to acro. - mellas
  • Still having the same problem Lyle was having; my front tire has made it over many times, but the damn bike stays behind.
  • Garrett - you just rolled over me with a 16.88s Dunes6. It could bump Anderson S. out of 10th spot on the records. Well done!
    in My Records Comment by BRrules March 2014
  • I agree with Lyle. But she's already a pain in the butt on certain courses.
  • Concerning Wilson suspicions - When my phone's RAM is all in use, I can experience playing MP in slow motion. It drives me crazy so I remember to clear RAM before starting the game. (happened both on Galaxy S3 and S4). Anybody think that could cau…
  • Lyle - my brother's theory for Sav1-4 is to 'feel the force' like in Star Wars. I think perhaps we should just practice it blind-folded.
  • Sav1-4 is the most surprising course to me of all of them. At first glance you would think everyone would be bunched together because there are no areas for the pros to jump over something. But it's the opposite. It seems to separate the men from …
  • thanks, I will --- I have checked the link many times - I have no idea why it doesn't work. Probably has something to do with switching phones, and re-installing BR many times in the past year (all because of a freezing problem I mentioned elsewher…
  • Sorry, but I can't remember where I found Allroundracer's code if not somewhere in bikeracerecords. I'm 0-12 and have never been remotely close.
  • almost forgot the most important thing: 9lyokb
  • Ok - my 1st attempt. It's a one trick, 5 sec course - so you won't waste too much time. 5.04s is my best, but surely can be done sub 5s.
  • doesn't seem to work for anyone. ok, started Lisa B.
  • cantdoitcap (considering where you work, your username is hilarious); trying to learn new ways to go faster; the problem is that it usually ends in disaster. This game is funny, after 15k wins, I thought I was getting pretty good. But after findin…